Book reviews

From a review on

“Wow! Has anyone else read this book yet? It will surely raise the hackles on the backs of non-dual hardliners everywhere. Yet her message would be to go towards that! The spiritual journey lies in the heart of everyday life. It is so refreshing to be pointed in the direction hardly anyone else is pointing. This teaching comes at a time when the transcendent state is fairly worshiped as the be all end all ideal.”

Another review:

“Embodied Enlightenment” heralds a new approach for the Spiritual questor. Some call it revolutionary, others label it controversial. Myself, I am profoundly immersed in the light of Love and Truth brought forth by this uncommon teaching.
As for Amoda, she must look upon all this commotion we make, and in Silence, breaks into another blazing smile . ”

If you have read this book and are inspired by it please leave a review. It really helps spread the word.

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