The problem lies deep within the human psyche, which has been hypnotized into viewing the world through the lens of separation. We have forgotten that our true nature is wholeness itself, and so we believe ourselves to be separate from one another, from the world, from the cosmos, and from God. This erroneous perception is the cause of all inner and outer conflict. If this error in perception is to be remedied, and if this remedy is to have any long-lasting impact, a total turnaround or revolution in human consciousness must take place.

The rumblings of this revolution are already being felt in the hearts and minds of many people. But if it is not yet awake in you, then it has not truly begun. You are at the leading edge of this revolution…and nothing can change until you do. Your awakening out of the dream of separation, and the ensuing discovery of the wholeness of your essential nature and the wholeness of life itself, is the only real possibility to end suffering.

But for this discovery to be the source of real change in you—and the source of real change in the world—there needs to be an honest infusion of light through every detail of your life. In time, there will be an integration of this new consciousness that will give you fresh eyes through which to see the world. This is what is meant by embodiment; and without it, enlightenment remains at best a temporary spiritual state and at worst an intellectual pursuit. It’s a common—and mistaken— belief that awakening leads to a life of perfection in which nothing painful happens. Many people think they are being spiritual just because they are feeling happy or grateful or ecstatic. What’s really happening is that the river of life is flowing in a way that conforms to their idea of what it feels like to be spiritual.

Authentic awakening has nothing to do with the accumulation of good feelings or with identification with a role, albeit a spiritual one. It’s not about being happy when things are going your way; it’s about being anchored in the light of awareness, come what may. It’s in the darkest moments that we get pulled by the archaic patterns of dysfunctional thinking. Authentic awakening says yes even to the darkness and has the compassion to meet what is truly here without denial or escapism or the attempt to fix it. The light within you, when resolutely recognized in all circumstances, has the capacity to embrace everything. This uncompromising acceptance is, in fact, your true nature. It is nothing less than the unbounded space of consciousness that is here, beneath and beyond the story of who you think you are. To deeply rest here is a radically new way of being. Whether the river flows gently or turbulently, to rest here means that something obsolete will die and a radically new way of living will be born.

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