Davis Event, California.

My recollection of the day event in Davis, near Sacramento, California – Written by Kavi

I thought for this blog it would be useful, particularly for those who have yet to make it to one of Amoda’s events, to give you a taste of what one of them is like.

The event was timed to run from 10am – 4pm. We introduced it with some ambient meditative guitar from me. The guitar and songs support Amoda’s teaching perfectly and truly brings it fully into the heart.

And so the meeting began with a discourse by Amoda. This was not a pre-planned talk, but a spontaneous arising. It is quite beautiful how she is able to tap into the atmosphere and speak from silence and stillness, and how she lays out the framework and ‘container’ for the rest of the day.  The years of doing this have paid off finally and she is now becoming a master of this profound space.

Even though I have been to nearly every meeting and know this teaching intimately as a living reality, it never ceases to astonish me just how clear, articulate and poetic Amoda is. She just keeps getting clearer and clearer. I think it is because she lives and breathes this awakening, we both do, and as time goes by it becomes more and more mature until it is almost ordinary.

So the morning sessions continues, with a small break, and after maybe 90 mins or so we move on to questions that arise.  Questions are always where the meetings get real, and open, and sometimes vulnerable. All is welcome here. People want to know how to live awakening in their day to day lives, and have questions usually relevant to that very real conundrum.  Amoda answers each and every one attentively, authentically and openly. It is this authentic relationship between that makes these events so refreshing.

And that really sets the scene for the rest of the day.


When we return after some lunch I sing a song and then we are in again. I think people are settling down now, it takes some time to relax and trust the ‘teacher’ but when it happens things can go even deeper.

These  short events, like the day event, and even the weekend retreats, although they can be rich and rewarding in themselves, have their limitations. They give a great taste but they can’t ever get quite as deep as the longer experiences, the ‘deep dive’ experiences. I know that is where Amoda wants to put her focus and energy. We have both seen and felt real results from these immersions, so expect more of these to be appearing in the future!

But today was very sweet, and people seemed to genuinely get useful pointers and insights from the day, and that is very rewarding. We closed with a song by John Lennon I found the day before called ‘Oh My Love,’ then many people bought a copy of Amoda’s new book and we hugged and said goodbye.

It was thanks to Deb who organized it that this was possible. We really value other people’s help in making these events happen.  We are graced there are lots of wonderful people out there.

All in all a very rich and beautiful day, and many thanks to all who came, who listened and asked questions, or who just gave their attention. It is always such a pleasure to witness people stepping into the fire of awakening and opening up to the richness of the mysterious journey.

Thanks for reading!

Here is a short video taken from the start of the day.

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