Awakeness Flowing Into Your Life

If you are authentically committed to opening to the whole of you, even though it may hurt your pride, make you cringe in disgust, or bring you to your knees in shame, then the empty radiance at the core of all that you perceive, think, and feel will pour into you unimpeded.

As this formless unconditioned awakeness flows through you and into your life, a natural state of beingness reveals itself as causeless joy and love. It’s a joy and a love without object or subject and therefore unconstrained by any form, whether that form be an emotion, a feeling, or a thought.

This “flowing into” is an ongoing journey of the continual willingness to meet all gross and subtle contractions in the light of awareness.

When fully allowed in each new moment and circumstance, it becomes a purifying process that dissolves the residue of negative, pessimistic, dark feelings, as well as the addictive movements of the mind. The purification of the mind-body vehicle is like polishing the sides of a diamond: as the dusty layers of habitual tendencies are lifted, the light of unconditioned awakeness emanates and radiates through you as you.

This is when the outer form of personality bows down in service to innermost being, and there is an alignment of truth as living reality.

The grace of it all is that even though there’s undoubtedly a unique individual expression, the subjective experience of personality is permeable and transparent. There’s a sweet nakedness because there’s nothing to cling to, nothing to uphold, nothing to hide from, and nothing to run away from.

Every construct previously created as a defense system is seen as a futile attempt to protect a false idea of self, and so it is all willingly surrendered into the abyss of open unknownness. Everything simply and gracefully flows through, even the most painful of experiences, because everything is you.

How can you deny the truth of this when you know yourself to be inseparable from existence itself? In whatever form, whether as a thought, emotion, or circumstance, that which appears is irrevocably here and it can be met all the way. In the nakedness of this meeting, the heart is broken open, and then whatever experience, however intense, is gone; there is nothing to stick to. When emptiness is realized as your truest nature, then all is dissolved and resolved in this.

From ‘Embodied Enlightenment.’

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