On Being ‘Fully Awake and Fully Human.’

Beloveds, I want to clear up a misconception that I am beginning to see more and more as I go about my work of dialoguing with people and pointing to a new wisdom that embraces both our awakeness and our humanness.

Yes, I do speak a lot about the necessity to include the messy human experience in our spiritual inquiry. Yes, I do speak a lot about the error of spiritual bypassing in order to avoid the vulnerability of meeting hurt and brokenness. And yes, I do speak a lot about allowing our intimate relationships, our work, our body and it’s wellness and/or illness, and even our relationship to money, to be doorways to discovering inner wholeness and fulfillment. But all this is often mistaken for a resignation to the human condition with all its pleasures and all its pains, a kind of “oh, it’s ok to be human after all, so I can continue to believe my story of not being good enough or loved enough or rich enough or so on and so on” or a kind of “oh, it’s ok to be human so I can continue to eat as many cakes as I like or smoke or watch TV or gossip or whatever” … and in this way you keep giving your allegiance to the archaic mechanism of ego because that’s easier than turning away from it once and for all!

Just because my teachings are based on “being fully awake and fully human” does not mean that I am inviting you to indulge your stories, nor am I inviting you to come to me to fix your problems or to tell you what to do with your difficult relationships or with your lack of money or with your everyday struggles.

Being human does not mean being lazy and falling back into the identification with the ever-changing nature of form (physical form or psychological form). It’s not about making your earthly existence perfect according to some imagination of a “perfect life”. It’s not about success or security or accumulation or accolade. It’s not about getting rid of what is wrong or fixing your wounds. It’s not about using spirituality as a salve for the imperfection of the human experience.

My invitation is more revolutionary than that. Yes, open to every feeling that arises in you. Yes, allow every trigger in relationship to be a doorway to what lies beneath the story of hurt. Yes, meet the terror of loss when the body is sick or injured or when you are at death’s door. And yes, slow down and taste the texture of every mouthful of food, every kiss on your lover’s lips or your child’s cheek, every breath that enters and leaves your body as long as you are alive.

But this invitation serves to take you to the edge of mind, to the unbounded vista of your being-ness where you can no longer clutch to a story of “poor me” or “lucky me”. Right here, if you are ruthlessly honest in staying open, you will die as the “you” you think you are and be reborn into awakeness. And even if you are alive as this awakeness for one moment, the revolution has begun. It is the end of the war of inner conflict.

And the beginning of silence as the true song of your life.

Beloveds, give your total devotion to the silent void of being-ness even in the midst of agony or devastation, see what is deeper and more present than any of your stories or attempts to get what you think you want or get rid of what you don’t want … in other words, be fully awake first! And then, give your total devotion to the avoiding nothing within the human realm … let it all pour into this awakeness because nothing can break or taint that which is already whole and unbroken!

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