The New Feminine Frequency

This is what I’m talking about when I refer to the new feminine frequency of awakening that is permeating our hearts and shaking up our world …

Essentially, the feminine is the quality of surrender, of opening, of allowing, of unconditionality, of a love that is unafraid of getting its hands dirty in the world of messy human experience. In the context of an individual’s awakening, it has nothing to do with gender, but is simply a way to describe the the shift from mind to heart that is required for the process of evolving out of an egoic consciousness.

In the context of a collective awakening, the feminine refers to an evolution of consciousness in which not only individuals but also humanity and the world are waking up out of the dream of separation. This evolution includes an increasing desire to live this awakening within the world rather than to transcend it by becoming a mystic on the mountaintop. What I’m really speaking of is the infusion of love into humanity. Because egoic consciousness has been the primary way of operating for millennia, love has taken a back seat. Ego’s reactivity of “I’m right” and “you’re wrong” has become the norm and has created the battleground within relationship and within the world — as well as within ourselves.

Love is what happens when we stop seeing the other, the world, or even our own thoughts and feelings as “the enemy” just because we do not agree or like what we see and experience. Love is what happens when we choose to end the war within — when we stop seeing division, when we stop the judgment, blame and defense. I’m not talking about some ideal of love, but about choosing to see deeper than surface reactions right in the nitty gritty of our daily interactions, especially when we’re triggered in intimate relationships or by political, social and other worldly circumstances. Ultimately, I’m talking here about the surrender of ego’s control.

The feminine plays a vital role in the both the process and the expression of waking up out of the dream of separation because the quality of surrender is primary to full awakening. So it really is about an inner quality and not about biological gender. It’s the quality of willingness to collaborate, to give birth to something new – whether it be a new consciousness or a new world. We see this more and more now, as more women and men awaken and express this awakening in the world and as more people care for the world and for the upliftment of humanity.

This is the filtering in of a feminine frequency that is breaking down the patriarchal systems (and sometimes highlighting them first, so it appears that things are getting worse or more rigid). As old-world structures become obsolete and crumble, there’s a high probability of upheaval. Just like birth, transformation is messy and there is no guarantee of the outcome. But once the contractions have begun, there is no going back – this is the tenacity and infinite ‘yes’ of the feminine.

Evolving out of egoic consciousness into the new paradigm is the end of ‘you’ as you think you are and the end of ‘the world’ as you believe it to be. Are you willing to say ‘yes’ to this death .. and to live from the infinite openness of love?

All this will be more deeply explored in the November Retreat in California.

Mount Madonna Retreat

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