The Heart is the Doorway

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In spiritual circles, awakening is often seen as the holy grail, the final destination, the place where you can finally congratulate yourself on “having arrived”. This is a great delusion. Awakening is just the beginning. In order for this awakening to penetrate your everyday reality, a much deeper and more refined journey must take place.

This is when the real ‘work’ begins. This is when you must give yourself 100% to the delicate truth within your being, over and over again. It is not a given that an experience of awakening will demolish your defenses once and for all so that you fall into the deepest quietest place forever more. It is not a given that you will choose to rest in open vulnerability when the world demands the habit of tight closure. It is not a given that surrender to the softness of the true heart takes priority when attack or injury come your way.

There are many people awakening today, but this is not enough. To realize awareness as the ground of being is to awaken .. and this is of course a powerful realization. But to grasp onto this awake awareness as a banner of “truth” creates another veil. Why? Because grasping onto anything – even the most profound or transcendent or clear realization – prevents a true openness of the heart. When the world continues to flood in even after awakening, the invitation is for awareness to give itself 100% to the tender openness of the heart .. in every circumstance, come what may. This is a delicate matter that is easy to overlook. It requires such a willingness to be vulnerable, such humility, such a radical turning in the opposite direction to where the whole mechanism of human activity wants to go.

The heart is the doorway to the living truth, and there are ever-more subtle layers within the heart. The invitation is for you to move through the tiniest opening, even when there seems to be no way through. The invitation is for you to listen to the quietest voice of honesty, even when you want to run in the opposite direction. The invitation is for you to fall – and keep falling – into the wide open vista of surrender where there is no safety net .. not even the safety net of awareness.

Our next 5-DAY IMMERSION invites you into the heart, so that you may come to know the unwavering presence of being. It takes place at the sacred setting of the Mount Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, November 12 -16. Full details here




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