Be like a tree, my friend. Stay open and present in the midst of the storm. And let your roots go even deeper. This depth is the source of your aliveness.

Know that you are alive and flourishing even when circumstances appear to be hindering you. Truly, there is nothing that stop your essential aliveness, all appearances are ephemeral and will pass. Who you are remains.

Rest deep, my friend. Even when everything swirls around you and within you. The depth of you cannot be touched by anything that happens or doesn’t happen.

When you touch this depth, over and over again, you come to know that you are love. And love is invincible because it is the nature of everything.

Be love, my friend. Just like the tree, be deep, be still. Love is what is here when every preference, every resistance, every judgment, and every argument falls away.

Amoda Maa

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