Embodied Spirituality

I talk about embodied spirituality .. but do not mistake this for some body-centered method nor a tantric explosion of the senses.

I talk about the new feminine frequency .. but do not mistake this for some airy-fairy idea nor a statement of feminism.

I talk about oneness .. but do not mistake this for a utopian vision nor a hippy-dippy love and peace.

I talk about relationship and intimacy .. but do not mistake this for sexual gratification nor the need for comfort.

I talk about love .. but do not mistake this for the sickly-sweet version sold in movies nor the smothering possessiveness of conditional love.

I also talk about the sword of truth and walking the razor’s edge. I talk of revolution and bringing an end to war. I talk of seeing with the clarity of a surgeon and cutting away that which binds us to the matrix.

There is nothing sentimental or passive or lovey-dovey in what I speak of …

The embodied spirituality I speak of is the tenacity and devotion required to live the truth of awakeness in the midst of the mess of the human experience.

The new feminine frequency I speak of belongs to each of us, both women and men. It is beyond gender and role, it is the quality of birthing a new consciousness that is alive in all our hearts.

The oneness I speak of is the end of division in you when you stop judgment and simply forgive the world.

The intimacy I speak of is the willingness and courage to expose all strategies of control and defense, in all circumstances.

The love I speak of is more powerful than bullets, more enduring than gold. It is your invincible nature. Discover this love and you will bring fear to an end, you will bring war to an end.

This is why you are here on earth .. especially now, in these crazy and challenging times. This is your responsibility, now. Take up your rightful role .. do what it takes to be what you truly are, now.


Join Amoda Maa at her 5-day Retreat at Mount Madonna Center, CA
November 12 -16, 2017
Tickets at https://www.amodamaa.com/events/2017/11/12/5-day-retreat-at-mount-madonna-center-santa-cruz-california-unwavering-presence 

East Coast 5 Day Silent Retreat – Kripalu Center, Massachusetts
December 3 – 7, 2017
More Information at https://www.amodamaa.com/events/2017/12/3/silent-retreat-at-kripalu-center-stockbridge-massachusetts-coming-home-to-silence

US:  http://a.co/iOmBgxf
UK:  http://amzn.eu/9CcUw8B


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