Children are the way of the future

Awakening is not a luxury but a necessity. When this awakeness infuses our relationships, we are fully present and true in our energy field without recoiling into hurt or rejection or resentment. We stay open and tender, we listen with our innermost being not our mind, and we speak from love not fear. Relating to our children in this way is the future of humanity. We do not need to impose our spiritual values on them, we simply have to be true and natural in our openness.

Children resonate with this natural openness because it has not yet been covered over by years of conditioning. When this natural state is the ground of who they grow into, naturally, they do not have to go on a spiritual journey; they are simply themselves as open, natural, awake beings.

These children do not need to grow into spiritual leaders or spiritual teachers .. but one of them – or even many – are likely to become a worldly leader. This is the beginning of a true revolution in the world, change from the inside out, a new paradigm in which love is sovereign .. naturally.

Photo by Lotte Meijer on Unsplash

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