I invite you to throw away the concept of spirituality, and even throw away the concept of awakening. Instead, I speak directly to the human and how to live a fully authentic
life as the openness of your natural state.

You were born as naturalness, you were born as innocence, you were born as openness. And hopefully you will die as that. In between, there’s a whole load of stuff that seems to harden and tighten and then you go seeking freedom from that through spirituality. But if attention is not given to tenderness, if there’s no surrender of the inner divided state that believes itself to be the victim of life, then there is not authentic freedom.

If you take up this invitation and devote yourself to the discovery of the essential innocent openness that is always here as who you are and what you are – in the face of all vicissitudes – over time you will start living fully awake. Because it’s not a spiritual state, it’s not a transcendental state … it’s a very human state. It’s just been covered over by the reactivity of the ego that’s taken over our humanity and embedded itself in our nervous system as the fight-or-flight mechanism. But once this is seen and you give your attention to the openness beneath that, you will return to your natural state.


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