Love Is The Master


Many of you know me as a “spiritual teacher”. It says so on Facebook and on my website and in the bio of my books. But, friends, do not mistake this for who I am. It is simply a label, a name by which to identify me in the world. We all have to be called something or other. Friends, do not think that I have identified with this role. This that I truly am is free of all roles and names.

This that I truly am expresses itself in a thousand ways: as lover, as wife, as housekeeper, as writer, as artist, as daughter, as kitchen alchemist, as hot yoga student, as author, as poet, as book-lover, as runner, as home-maker, as pioneer, as visionary, as mystic .. I could go on, but it is ever-changing. Perhaps the role of spiritual teacher will fall away in time, perhaps it will stay. Perhaps a new role will reveal itself, or perhaps there will be nothing but living a simple life. It is not my business to care or control.

As long as people come to me with questions about the spiritual path, I will continue answering and offering support. Because ultimately there are no “people” outside of me: you exist in me as “me”. So how could I deny you what you ask for? Your questions are part of me, your seeking is a reflection of that which seeks completion in me on this earthly dimension. My role as spiritual teacher is not personal, it has no need for recognition or acquisition. It is simply love meeting love, and has no choice in the matter.

As long as there is aliveness, this love gives itself wholeheartedly. It cannot help itself as an awake life is love in action. Love in action is the expression of life’s intelligence uninhibited by personal aggrandizement or need for specialness or self-worth. When the role shows signs of being encumbered by personal strategies, it will inevitably start to crumble. Until then, love is the master and love creates the role. I am just a servant.


– Amoda Maa

From a reader of Amoda’s book ‘EMBODIED ENLIGHTENMENT’ … “Absolutely amazing. My book is marked up, pages folded, so I can go back again and again. Wave after wave of Truth, the kind that gives you goose bumps and you KNOW is changing your mind and your subconscious belief system that no longer serves you.” 

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  1. Lou Therrell says:

    How do you determine what it is that “life” wants you to do?


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