Ordinary Awakening


It’s very ordinary. This awakening.

After the joy of grace has been imbibed, it stops being anything other than what is.

After the exhilaration of free fall into the verticality of being, it is simply life doing its thing.

After the gentle delight when suffering comes to an end, it is neither this nor that but just whatever arises.

It’s very ordinary. No higher or lower, no spiritual or unspiritual. There is no separation in anything. Everything is whole just as it is.

The rainbow is wholly itself. And so is the mud on your shoe. The joy is wholly itself. And so is the agony. Nothing stands outside of wholeness, because existence is wholly itself. It is complete as itself. It would be insanity to think otherwise. Everything – whether we like it or not, and whether we choose to respond to it lovingly or not – is completely itself. It simply IS.

It’s very ordinary. It sees everything as the fullness of itself. A chair is a chair. A butterfly is a butterfly. And tears are tears, just as a smile is a smile. Nothing more and nothing less.

It leaves no trace. This awakening.

There is no record of “I have awakened”. There is no certificate of specialness. There is no trophy of worthiness.

There is nothing to point to, nothing to uphold, and no “extra-ordinary state” to achieve. Life is simply itself. And so is my experience of life – it simply is the fullness of this experience. Does it mean anything? No. Is it full of beauty? Yes. Is it full or is it empty? Both and neither.

It is simplicity. This awakening. And nothing is in opposition to this, not even unawakeness. All of it is true nature experiencing itself – totally and irrevocably.

And you are THIS.

– Amoda Maa

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