Live as the Open Hand

Live as the open hand, my friend.

The open hand is who you really are. It is the unadulterated openness at the core of your being.

The open hand is natural, as natural as the openness of a kitten just born. The open hand is tender, as tender as a feather falling into your palm. The open hand is pure, as pure as the light coming down in a sunbeam.

We are trained to live as a clenched fist .. fighting, resisting, rejecting, manipulating reality to meet our expectations of how it should be. We are trained to react not respond. We are trained to identify with beliefs, rights and wrongs, good and bad. We forget to stay in the innermost sanctuary of tender openness in which all division dissolves. We fail to see that life is always offering us the open hand of freedom, instead we choose to see the clenched fist of battle.

Relax, my friend .. and rest in this that is always here, in you. As you.

Remember the open hand. This is what you are.



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