The Frequency of the Mother


A new frequency is arising .. the frequency of the Mother.

Each of us holds the Mother within our hearts and bellies, whether we know it or not.

The Mother is that part of us that gives birth to something new, whether it be a new life or a new consciousness.

The Mother is that part of us that takes care of what needs to be taken care of, whether it risks her own life or not.

The Mother in us is attuned to the oneness of life and to the oneness of being, she knows everything is dependent on everything else. She has the courage to surrender to the ebb and flow of existence, to embrace the light and the dark, to go beyond her comfort zone and gently stand at the edge of the unknown. This courage comes from her belly not her ego.

As the collective ego reveals itself in the escalating horror and insanity of the world, the Mother is poised on the razor’s edge of the unknown .. ready for love in action to pour into and through her. She is rising up in women and men and children. She is not defined by gender or belief or story. She is the innate intelligence of life that has been denied for so long.

This intelligence – the intelligence of love – is tenacious and unconditional. But it is also patient and non-grasping. Love will win out in the end .. because love is more powerful than bullets. Not in the short term, of course .. the horror of loss without reason, the grief of devastation, cannot be glossed over with spiritual platitudes. But in the bigger picture, love holds the power of forgiveness .. and forgiveness is the only redemption of suffering.

As the Mother awakens in women, in men, and in children, she finds new forms of expression and nudges out of our laziness and victimhood. Like a sleeping flame, she flickers until she amasses enough light to burn through all obstacles, come what may.

The fire starts in you .. the transformation of consciousness starts in your everyday life, in your everyday interactions, in every one of your relationships. It is calling you to give your allegiance to the blazing truth of love – untainted by your needs or wants or fears or hopes – so that it may destroy all egoic structures of reactivity and all patterns of defense and attack. Love calls you to be naked .. and in nakedness you become invincible because even though life’s circumstances may cause you pain, discomfort, loss and brokenness, nothing can harm that which you are in the depth of your innermost.

It is time.

– Amoda Maa

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mellie Logan says:

    Thanks Amoda,

    I needed this today.

    XO Mellie 415-450-0610

    Love is the way…



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