Love is the Master


My “teaching” doesn’t promise you a life of unending bliss. It shows you how to bear the unbearable.

I’m not interested in how spiritual you are. I’m interested in how willing you are to stand as openness in the face of brokenness and loss.

I don’t care if you have realized the most absolute truth. I care about your capacity to turn towards the tenderness of your heart in the midst of that which offends you.

I don’t offer you enlightenment as a rarified state. I offer you love as the purified heart. It’s the path of surrender .. and the only way I know to enter the slipstream of unspeakable grace inside this human experience.

I am not a teacher or guru or master. Love is the only real guru. I am just a guide to point the way, because the way is written into my DNA and I remember. And sometimes I stumble and fall. And love always picks me up. Love slaps me when I forget, nudges me when I lose my way, demands everything when I am ready to give up.

Let me take you by the hand and show you the way to this love. And if I forget the way, may my true master – love – remind me.

– Amoda Maa

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