Awakening is not a lifestyle option. It’s not something that you add to your spiritual shopping basket, yet another commodity to satisfy the acquisitive mind. It’s not something to make you feel good about yourself, to make you feel special or worthy, or to make you feel more spiritual. And it’s not a marker of a better, happier, more perfect life.

Awakening is neither an achievement nor a destination. It’s neither a trophy nor a badge of honor. And it’s certainly not a side-dish to go along with your yoga practice, meditation practice, tantric practice or any other practice.

Awakening really has nothing to do with being spiritual. It’s trendy today to be on some kind of spiritual path. We are inundated with spiritual books, spiritual teachers, spiritual practices .. as if being on a spiritual path is an antidote to the stress of living in the modern world.

But I say it again .. awakening is not a lifestyle option. It’s a necessity. Awakening is not an experience we have by doing something spiritual .. it’s the foundation for living as a whole human being. It’s the natural maturation of consciousness that takes place when we are willing to face ourselves completely, to meet everything that we have spent a lifetime running away from because it hurt, to stand as openness in the midst of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Awakening means seeing clearly .. without the mental and emotional acrobatics of denial, avoidance, excuses, or the begging, bartering or bullying that goes on when we believe ourselves to be separate from life/existence. Awakening means bearing the unbearable, being tender in the midst of that which offends, living as the open hand in the midst of discomfort.

Awakening is not an add-on. It’s the baseline for being human. For too long, humanity has lived in a dysfunctional state. It is time to return to our natural wholeness. If and when we do, the need for being spiritual falls away. We will no longer need to do anything in order to be spiritual. And just imagine what we could do if all that time and energy invested in following a spiritual path was freed up? Who would you be then?
– Amoda Maa

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