Enlightenment is an Illusion


More and more, I come to see that enlightenment is an illusion. Part of the same matrix that keeps us believing in separation. Upheld by millennia of religion and spiritual tradition. Upheld by the self that wants to escape the existential agony of having incarnated as form. As if there is another world that cradles us in endless bliss … if only we attained enlightenment.

More and more, I come to know that there are openings, unfoldments and awakenings. And that we can wake up once and for all out of the dream of separation. But none of this makes us any more perfect, nor does it make our lives perfect. There’s no reward. We still have to meet the bittersweet human experience. We still have to meet the ever-changing landscape of our lives. We still have to learn and grow, find ways to survive and thrive in a world hell-bent on dividing us. We still have to meet loss and pain and the unanswerable question of why the world seems so crazy.

We wake up and see clearly the mechanism of reactivity, the sticky pull of “poor me”, the torment of thoughts amidst the storm, the addictive seeking of something more to resolve this discomfort. We wake up and are given the power to stop giving our allegiance to all this. Instead we rest right here, where we are. It’s not special or elevated, but simply intimate. It’s not denying the world of form as an illusion. Nor clinging to the world of formlessness as the only truth. It’s the truth of seeing clearly, just this. This most intimate experience with what is. No frills, no acrobatics. Just this.

Lifetimes of seeking can now come to an end. Millennia of lies can come tumbling down. You step out of the matrix. And see that everything your mind believes is a veil that clouds true freedom. And even freedom is a myth. There is no freedom from existence. You are here. Until you are not.
– Amoda Maa

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  1. I have just signed on as a Follower. Your web page is a serendipity.

    Even your forthrightness looks familiar.

    May I re-post your post, Enlightenment on my web page, mysticexperiences. net?

    All best wishes,

    Keith Hancock, Publisher,


    1. Yes Keith gladly, as long as you link back to this page or Amoda’s website https://www.amodamaa.com
      Thanks for following.


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