After Awakening, We Continue To Be Human


There is a big misunderstanding.

That awakening erases our humanness. That personal history is wiped out. That all uncomfortable feelings are vanquished in one fell swoop. That we rise above the searing pain of heartbreak when a loved one dies, that we transcend the fragility of form, that we are immune to the horrors of the world, that memories no longer visit us.

But it’s blatantly not true.

After awakening, we continue to be human. The pattern of our life continues, and we still have to meet each turning point, each fork in the road, each hill and valley as we walk this earthly path. The geometry of our human vehicle continues to express itself, and we still have to meet ourselves with kindness for each seeming imperfection.

What changes is that we are no longer disturbed by any of it. The weather is always problematic … too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet, too dry, too cloudy, too stormy. But we are no longer bothered by the weather, so life is not a problem. Nevertheless, weather still happens. Just as feelings still happen. Freedom is loving it all .. the emptiness of sky and the wildness of weather!

It’s time for the image of the awakened one as abiding in perfect emptiness to come tumbling down. It’s time for the awakened one to come out of his ivory castle. It’s time for old patriarchal ideas of the perfect guru to be demolished. The perfection of endless bliss and transcendence of the human realm is a myth. We see this when we look behind the scenes of the awakened one and find a human being with feelings and a personality. We see this in countless scandals that surround spiritual teachers and gurus who deny their humanity.

It’s time for the icy grip of nonduality to bow down to the wild feminine. Not just in women, but in men too.

The wild feminine has nothing to do with indulgence of emotions or getting lost in the senses. It’s not about anger against men or a feminist position. The wild feminine is much wider and deeper than any of that. She is the paradox of sky and weather, light and dark, beginnings and endings, nonduality and duality. She is the collapse of victim and victor, worthy and unworthy. She is the end of external authority. She is the power of surrender in which all inner division comes to an end.

That which has been suppressed for millennia is rising up. The patriarchy within each of us is being called to surrender and make way for the open hand of love. So we can stand unbroken in the midst of brokenness. So we can turn towards tenderness in the face of the enemy.

So that we can live as fierce grace when our world comes tumbling down.

– Amoda Maa

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  1. Amoda,
    It is your “humanness” that makes your teachings so accessible to me. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

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