When the sweet smell of sadness wafts into your heart, do you turn away and bury your head in make-believe happiness?

When the stark beauty of aloneness invites you in, do you flap around on the surface to avoid drowning in her depths?

When the weight of failure comes bearing down, do you set up an army of resistance and harden yourself into who you think you should be?

But friend … this that you so want to avoid, is the gift. Inside this darkness, is the jewel.
It is the jewel of transformation. And it’s yours. All yours. Of course, there is a price. The price is the willingness to stop fighting the darkness. To stop throwing a tantrum, and fall in love with what is here. Stop trying to fix it, change it, get over it, or deny it. Be still, be soft. Fall into the abyss. And wait.

This darkness is a time of gestation. It contains the seed of light. Your waiting gives birth to something new. This newness is the courage to stay open in the midst of fear. The tenderness to love what is. The humility to give it up to grace. The maturity to know that endings and beginnings are held together by the same thread.

Friend .. you will rise up like a phoenix from the ashes. But first you must wait. And be friends with the darkness.
– Amoda Maa


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