If Awakening is to Serve a Real Purpose

If awakening is to serve a real purpose in our lives, it needs to find new forms of expression through our everyday interactions. And if this awakening is to serve a purpose in the bigger picture of birthing a new humanity, it needs to engage us fully with the evolutionary impulse of existence.

Enlightenment is no longer a secret reserved for mystics, nor a luxury indulged in by privileged westerners seeking to become “more spiritual.” Awakening is a necessity if we are to survive and thrive.

If enlightenment is to be of any use, it needs to come down from the mountaintop and get its hands dirty in the marketplace of human affairs.

It’s an uncompromising embracing of both the waves of phenomenal expression and the ocean of inner stillness that brings us into deep intimacy with the creative force of life. This deep intimacy doesn’t mean you get lost in the story of the world, but it does mean you’re willing to wholeheartedly meet the world without a story.

The mystic and spiritual teacher Osho often talked about this embodied awakeness as the process of becoming “Zorba the Buddha.” In other words, the new evolutionary human being is someone who is utterly anchored within the light of awakened nature, yet passionately committed to the bittersweet juiciness of earthly existence.

The absolute truth is “you are not your body,” but your direct experience will show that your body is here moving through consciousness every time you walk or run or jump. The truth is “there is no self,” but you answer when your name is called. Yes, the truth is “you do not exist and neither do I,” but it makes a difference in your quality of life whether you see and hear with openheartedness rather than with judgment.

Authentic awakening is not static; it’s a fresh moment-to-moment awareness of that which is unfolding within our direct experience. And what’s unfolding for so many of us within con- temporary culture is an increasing complexity, interconnectivity, and creativity at an exponential rate. Today, we have the opportunity to become so much more than previous generations had ever dreamt of. For most of us, there are more resources, technologies, information, and wisdom available to us than ever before.

An enlightened world can only become a reality if collective consciousness radically transforms.

Waiting for salvation from some external power (whether this be a political or spiritual or cosmic or even divine power) is a fantasy that postpones the very transformation we seek.

The responsibility for change lies with each of us.

It’s about each one of us absolutely living the truth of awakening in our everyday lives … here and now.

From ‘Embodied Enlightenment.’ Amoda Maa
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