I am often asked …

Is somatic work useful in the process of awakening?

Do we need to dissolve contractive patterns in the body-mind before we can be free?

Should we attempt to let go of suppressed emotions .. or should we just practice “being still and present”?

Does focussing on past wounding perpetuate it .. or does giving it attention help to release it?

Should we make more effort to clear our karma? Should we do something in order to heal the pain of our wounding? Or should we simply let it be, sit with the pain, embrace the contraction, do nothing, just hold it in presence and let it heal itself?

And so on.

My response …

All bodywork is a wonderful and often necessary support for releasing deeply held trauma and tension locked in the body-mind vehicle.

And so is emotional catharsis a wonderful and often necessary support for releasing suppressed emotions and contacting previously unseen “holding” patterns that prevent us from feeling our full aliveness.

But .. being PRESENT with it all is the vital key.

The two approaches – doing and being – must be in conjunction, then the transformation goes deep.

If there is presence and the capacity to “be with the pain”, then at some point the need to “work on it, release it” and so on, simply falls away .. because now there is the capacity to meet everything without denial or avoidance. But some “preparing the way” or “emptying the vessel” is often very much needed.

In my life, I spent many years “emptying the vessel” .. screaming, shaking, breathing, unearthing, meeting layers of pain at ever-deeper levels in body, mind and emotions. Until finally .. the simplicity of “surrender to what is here” happened naturally and effortlessly.

And then no more trauma to heal, no more need to become whole, no more need to erase the past, no more need to be more perfect, no more need to get rid of anything at all.

What I am is neither past nor future, neither burdened by my story nor enlightened by the transcendence of my story. What I am has nothing to do with doing or being and yet includes both. What I am is the deepest acceptance. All is good and all is God. And I am that.

– Amoda Maa

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