Your Brokenness is Holy


Friend, do you run away from your pain, your shame, your secret rage and private grief?

Do you stuff those unwanted feelings into the dark recesses of your belly, cover them over with things to do, things to get, things to eat?

Do you turn away from disappointment, rejection, failure and regret, pretending they do not visit you in the dark of night?

Do you try to fix your fractured heart, shut down your restless mind, stick a band-aid over your emotional wounds, to prevent the dirt and mess of being human from oozing out?

Do you turn to spirituality as a salve for all that you think is wrong with you, holding tight to the belief that transcendence will prove your perfection once and for all?

But friend, listen closely … listen, sweetly and gently, to the deepest knowing in you. Listen to that which is deeper than fear, deeper than discomfort, deeper than shame or trauma or loss.

Listen to the visitors who knock on your heart … knocking from the inside. Shame, pain, loneliness, grief and more … all these your allies not your foes. They yearn to come in, to be acknowledged, accepted, loved. For what is broken is the doorway to gold, what is shattered is the entrance to inconceivable love, what brings you to your knees is not a punishment but God’s invitation.

Friend, can you embrace the grit and grace of being human? Can you reject nothing, welcome everything, surrender into the deepest falling of the open heart?

Friend, listen closely. Your brokenness is holy.

– Amoda Maa

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