Friend, do not wait for the perfect moment. The perfect moment is a figment of the imagination, a fantasy designed to delay the discovery of peace.
The perfect moment cannot exist, because reality cannot be divided into separate moments. There is only the forever-unfolding now. And this now offers you the most precious opportunity to discover what is more true than any narrative that torments or delights you.

Right here, in the storm of negative thinking. Right here, in the vortex of physical pain. Right here, in the flash of heat or the surge of emotion or the tight fist of injustice. And right here, in the seduction of a brighter future. Right here where you are, now. This is it. And this is the gateway to peace.

Not a peace that wipes out pain or thinking. Not a peace that enfolds you in a fluffy cloud. Not a peace that appeals to your magical thinking. But a peace that includes it all, because it is all included in the one who experiences this. This one is forever here, cannot be anywhere else and cannot be another time. It is all now, forever.

Do not wait to discover the one who contains it all. Do not wait for the right moment, the moment when you are not thinking, or not feeling, or not doing. For it is found amidst it all. The one is here when the wave rises and when the wave falls. The one is here when you are in deep meditation, when you are driving your car, when you are sleeping sweetly, and when you are busy typing on your computer. The one is here when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are angry, and when you are confused. The one is here in misery and in ecstasy, is here in despair and in victory.

Do not hand over authority to the narrative that torments you nor to the narrative that delights you. Remember your true sovereignty as the one within which all narratives are written and within which all narratives are erased. When you know the one, you will see that the ink that seemed to etch your story in stone was invisible all along. You believed yourself to be this story, but you were hanging onto a dream all along.

Friend, remember who you are. Enjoy the story as it writes itself, ride the waves, be total in the experience of grit and bliss. And know yourself as the naked canvas upon which it all comes and goes.

Do not wait to heal yourself before you can know peace. Do not wait to be more perfect before you can enjoy the perfection of this moment’s aliveness. Do not wait for the perfect moment .. because the perfect moment is now.

– Amoda Maa

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