You cannot be more present. You cannot practice presence, or try being more present, or learn how to be present. You cannot lose presence, move away from it, find it, or move towards it.

Presence is not a thing, or a commodity you can possess, or a state of mind.

It can, however, dawn on you that presence is always here, that you are always here, that there cannot be anything else but presence, that you are presence, and that everything is contained in presence.

You can come to see that every angry thought and every whisper of regret, every dream of a brighter future and every ache in your heart, every storm in your mind and every river of emotion, every tear of sorrow and every smile of joy, all of this and more, are right here where you are.

You can finally stop looking for presence, stop trying to practice presence, stop dividing yourself in two by defining yourself as “being present” and “not being present”.

You can simply experience whatever is happening, without rejecting it as something that should not be happening. And without claiming it as a trophy to put on a shelf called “presence”. You can meet what is happening, simply. Without embellishing your experience with “I shouldn’t be feeling this” or “if only I could make this feeling go away, then I’d be free” or any other desire to change or fix the naked fact of your experience.

When you’re ready to meet what is here – undefended, unarmored, and uninterpreted – presence is no longer a much-coveted state that erases your pain or elevates your consciousness, but is simply the bare bones of your very existence. When all ideas of you as a someone who can lose or gain presence are seen to be dust, presence is the ground that remains.

When you truly open your eyes, you will see that you cannot possibly move away from what presents itself.
Here, now .. and always.

– Amoda Maa

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  1. Ben says:

    This seems cryptic not sure what it means. Seems to me you can’t awken without being present. How do you come to see the parasitic nature of your mind without being present.
    Isn’t present just another word for conscious. The observer may ultimately be a manifestation of mind ego but the observer must be cultivated long before being discarded if ever. I don’t think there is anything more important than being present so I’m confused 🙂


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