I’m not interested in upholding lofty spiritual ideas, or regurgitating spiritual truths, or following spiritual traditions. I’m interested in the bare bones of direct experience.

I’m not interested in doing spiritual things, or looking like a spiritual person, or pretending to be higher or better than those who are not being spiritual. I’m interested in being audaciously true to my soul’s expression.

I’m not interested in living in nirvana, or resting on a cloud of endless peace, or being cushioned from the world by a blanket of bliss. I’m interested in the grit of being human and the tenderness of a heart broken open.

I’m not interested in giddy elevation, or blind devotion, or the glamor of power. I’m interested in meeting you eye to eye, right here in the glaring spotlight of naked honesty.

I’m not interested in being a spiritual teacher, even though the trajectory of my life has landed me in this role. I’m interested in being an artist of life. A true artist does not conform to an external authority, does not twist themselves into how family and friends and society wants them to be, does not sacrifice their truth for safety and comfort.

A true artist dances to an inner rhythm deep in the belly, and listens to the raging song of beauty in an untamable heart, and tastes the blood, sweat and tears of brokenness – over and over again – in order to offer one drop of nectar to the soul of the world.

– Amoda Maa

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