The Gift of Giving

An invitation by Kavi.

I would like to invite you to participate in an adventure.
It is simple but potentially powerful.
It is based in the ‘pass it on,’ theory of doing good.

If you have read this book by Amoda, ‘Embodied Enlightenment,’ and you have been touched by it in some way, I want to invite you to gift the book to someone.
I want you to do this consciously and lovingly, because it matters to you and you care about the person you are giving it to.

The book Amoda has written has received glorious 5 star reviews on Amazon, and no negative reviews at all. It was recognized that it was a very special book by the publishers, but here is the thing.
They didn’t know how to place it and decided to believe/hope that it was going to be a slow burning book similar to ‘The Untethered Soul,’ by Michael Singer (it took years to become a popular best seller).

We live in different times now and things are much faster, that means product and creativity comes and goes quickly.

We do not have a marketing department.
We do not have a marketing budget.
It is just the two of us.
The publishing company do not do any promotion, that is finished.
It is an excellent book that deserves to be read widely.
It may be one of the very best recent spiritual books written by a woman.

Thus my invitation.

A hand to hand, face to face, guerrilla campaign that allows divine intelligence to put the book where it needs to go.
It does that through each and every person who gifts the book to someone else, even two people. Maybe someone will know someone who knows someone who will give it to someone who reads it and decides to tell their audience about it.
If it touches you, you tell someone about it, it is that simple.
Gifting a copy of ‘Embodied Enlightenment.’

This makes it a powerful, real life, organic and natural flow of connection. It connects every person with everyone else, every heart with every other heart. That makes it so much more precious than just buying a load of advertising space and pushing it up the Amazon charts. That is artificial and, while it works for some people, it doesn’t resonate at all with us, or with the fragrance of Amoda’s message.

So I came up with this plan.

And if you know someone who has some extra influence and may be interested, please please gift them a copy in the way I have described.

This is my prayer: That through our human connection we allow the divine intelligence of goodness to flow in the right direction to touch hearts and awaken those who are ready, and by doing that we contribute to the awakening of humanity from the restless sleep it is in.

For the benefit of all beings, without any harm being intended, let this energy flow.


Ian – ‘I read this book twice. It is my favorite spiritual book since reading “A New Earth” six years ago. Not only is it beautifully written, it adds clarity and a deepening to what Eckhart Tolle began.’

Kent – I have read many, many spiritual books for years, going all the way back to Ram Dass’s “Be Here Now”, and Amoda’s book ranks with the best I have read on the subject of enlightenment.

James B. Clancy – Amoda is the orthopedic surgeon of the enlightenment business. I feel blessed to have discovered this compassionate and authentic teacher at this time in my life. You will not be disappointed with this gem.

Becky K – If you want clear pointers toward embodied enlightenment and how it manifests in this world, this is the book for you. Down to earth and accessible, Amoda’s latest book clears away any fluff and woo-woo that so often characterizes much contemporary spirituality. Beautifully written, it strikes chords of deep truth.

Follow the link above to purchase the book on Amazon.


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