At our recent retreat in upstate New York, someone asked what was meant by the wild heart. This is what I said (or words close to this) …

The wild heart is your untamable nature, that part of you which is free because it cannot be captured by anything you think or feel or do.

The wild heart is your naturalness, the innate intelligence beneath the rules and regulations of inherited beliefs, beneath the should’s and shouldn’ts of a conditioned mind.

The wild heart is your inner authority, the tenacity to turn towards your innermost and give your allegiance to this even in the crucifixion of criticism or rejection or condemnation.

This wildness has nothing to do with being a rebel without a cause nor with rage against the machine, it has nothing to do with saying shocking things or wearing outrageous clothing or doing a crazy dance.

This wildness has everything to do with listening to the deepest truth in you, listening to that which is prior to narrative and prior to reactivity, listening to the silence within .. and then moving from this silence.
This wildness has everything to do with a heart broken wide open, a heart without fortresses, without edges, without limits .. a heart that knows its unbroken true nature.

The wild heart is an untamable love .. a love that cannot be packaged or embellished, cannot be negotiated or compromised, cannot be gained or lost.

The wild heart is your true heart, before it became obscured by undigested grief and saccharined sentimentality, before it became weakened by ideas of woundedness and encrusted by defenses to protect your vulnerability.
Your true heart is openness .. an openness that is always here even when you believe otherwise, an openness that is unshakable, immovable, invincible.

Dear friend, your true heart is you .. innocent and free.

(photo by Justin Bland on Unsplash)

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  1. Aletheia says:

    I have always found solace in the wild, but never thought of it as being part of me, as a quality that is innate to who I am. I guess that is the myopic perception of the ego, eh? Thank you again and again Amoda! We need spirituality that is down to earth. This is what I have been searching for all along.


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