There is a field … out beyond social convention, beyond social chit-chat, beyond social niceties. I’ll meet you there.

There is a field … beyond the dream of separation, beyond the matrix of the world, beyond the need to appease an imaginary aloneness. I’ll meet you there.

It’s an open space, a timeless space, in which a true meeting can take place. It’s the spaciousness of our minds, the openness of our hearts. It’s unpolluted by the narratives that run you ragged, unencumbered by your past ghosts, untethered by your future dreams.

In this field, I have no need to share with you my suffering, I have no need to foist upon you my hopes or my fears, I have no need to “be friends”. In this field, I meet you in cleanliness, without expectation or agenda. I meet you in the unclouded moment, in the unbroken presence. All else is a dream … and I have no desire to burden you with my imagination.

My friend, there is no hole in me that needs to be filled with social niceties. There is no place in me that needs to find connection … because there are not two, but one. In this wholeness, there is no divide, no bridge to cross to reach you, no ladder we need to climb to get a clearer view.

You too can meet me here. You too can meet your father, your sister, your child, your friend, your enemy … here.

You too can meet yourself here. All it takes is the willingness to listen … to listen to the silence that fills the spaceless space, the timeless moment. To listen to the silence in you.

When two silences meet, there is a field of love. I’ll meet you there.

– Amoda Maa

(photo – Hampstead Heath, London; 2004)

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  1. sathyanarayanan varadarajan says:

    Lovely… One…. Whole…


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