Love is a movement that rises up out of the stillness of being.

It has no agenda of pleasure or comfort-seeking, nor of pain aversion. Neither does it have an agenda of what the outcome of this movement should look like. Love simply moves, because movement is its nature. Love is the movement of innate intelligence through our earthly lives.

It’s love that calls you to awaken, that sparks the fire of truth and provides the momentum for you to face the abyss of being, even though fear rears its head in all directions. And it’s also love that informs you to take care of the physical vehicle you inhabit while here on earth, that moves you to care for the body of the planet and all her living inhabitants as if they were your own children.

Real love allows you to recognize that all life is connected and that there is no separation between inner and outer worlds. Without this love, all worlds become dry and lifeless.

This kind of love is illogical to the egoic mind that likes to package love as a commodity. Ego cannot conceive of real love because love is unknowable by the mind. It’s even unknowable by the heart, because most often when we speak of the heart, we’re referring to the emotional heart. Both mind and heart are tainted by our conditioned responses to life and so neither can see clearly. Only when the mind and heart have dissolved into the emptiness of being can real love be fully recognized and expressed.

Real love is not blind. Real love can see right into the heart of reality, because love is the heart of reality. And this love is inseparable from the awakeness inherent in all living things.

While the density of certain structures, both physical and psychological, may seem insurmountable, disintegration of these structures is inevitable when the seeds of awakened consciousness take root, one person at a time. Of course, we cannot possibly know the outcome; perhaps a collapse into total Armageddon or even oblivion is inevitable. But the point is that love is unafraid to go there.

Love does not see money as evil, only how it is used. Love does not see business as evil, only the way it operates. Love sees that it is the ignorance of our true nature as wholeness that causes all earthly devastation. When you, too, have polished the lens of your heart and your mind, you will see clearly.

And you will see that the love in you is inseparable from the awakeness in all things. The vision to penetrate into the heart of reality means there is an inevitable taking care of what needs to be taken care of, and this includes your body and the body of the planet, even though both of these will eventually die. This is right action.

– Amoda Maa

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  1. Sathyanarayanan Varadarajan says:

    Amazing Truth… Yet simple….Love is…. All…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kiran Mitra says:

    A very real description of real love expressed in simple words allowing the to see the folly of understanding love through mind and emotional heart.


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