Enlightened relationship is what happens when the silence in you meets the silence in another.

When each individual has totally fallen in love with aloneness and fully embodies their own wholeness, it’s no longer about mutual satisfaction, pleasure, comfort, or security, nor about feeling loved and wanted.

Without dependency, there is no longer an attempt to change or fix or please the other. Nor is there any attempt to agree (or disagree). It’s not a battle of opinions, because there is neither an enemy nor a victim.

And neither is there an attempt to spiritualize the relationship. There’s really no need to practice any spiritual method or even “be conscious,” because it’s not some- thing you can make happen by doing something, nor is it some-thing you can understand intellectually. It doesn’t have anything to do with following the right spiritual teacher or the right spiritual teaching.

Enlightened relationship blossoms only in the deepest silence, when all false constructs of separation are destroyed, and there is only the unadulterated recognition of emptiness dancing through duality.

Only here can true love flourish.

– Amoda Maa

(photo by Benjamin Balázs on Unsplash)

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