Amoda’s Blog is Transferring to Substack

Dear Friends and Subscribers of Amoda Maa,

We are changing platforms for ease of use and greater visibility. This change will take some time BUT there will be no more posts here on Amoda’s Blog.

We would love for you to sign up on the new Substack site, for free, so you can still receive her writing to your inbox or read it on site.

‘We created this as a way to collate and distribute Amoda’s writing.
If you want to receive her wisdom straight to your inbox and bypass the endless searching through facebook posts subscribe here.

This site will be replacing her ‘amodasblog,’ site over on WordPress, which will be dissolved in a while. If you are part of that subscription please consider joining us here.

It is free.

We promise not to overwhelm your inbox, Amoda is all about quality, not quantity.

Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue.’


Thank you for being with us over the past few years, and we hope you will join us in jumping ship.


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  1. We will be excited to have you on Substack!

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