Telegram is also an app like WhatsApp where we can make video calls with people. And send video messages. Send photo messages and we can also call by telegram. Most people think that WhatsApp is a secure app but not Telegram. So today we will see if Telegram is secure or not. Telegram is one of the most famous messaging apps in the world. But many people still do not know about telegrams. The Telegram app is often misunderstood in terms of online privacy and security. 

But the question is whether not all messaging apps are secure. Aren’t even more popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger (despite their relationship with Facebook) encrypted “from end to end”? What makes Telegram special? If you want to know what Telegram does, what are its main features? And why you might consider using it. So we will give you complete information about it in this article.

What Is A Telegram?

We can send all kinds of messages on the telegram. The telegram was founded by a Russian businessman Powell Doro. Telegram was first introduced in 2013 for Android and iPhone and now has 550 million monthly subscribers. Whenever the issue of privacy comes up on the telegram, people accuse it of not being a secure app. So every time its subscribers increase. Let me tell you something that makes Telegram different from focusing on privacy, encryption, and open-source API. There are numerous non-government clients to go with the official telegram apps and web interface. This allows multiple devices to use the same account (authenticated via SMS), and multiple accounts on the same device.smartphone screen showing icons with icons

How Does Telegram Work?

The telegram messaging system is just like any other app. You can send messages to other telegram subscribers. Groups can talk. Contacts can make calls. Can make video calls and send files and stickers. However, certain features make it work differently from other chat apps.

Most importantly, the telegram headline feature is a matter of privacy and ensures that it protects encryption from end to end. That’s what keeps people out of a two-way conversation – even if it’s a company. Be it the government, hackers, or anyone else who has been sent. However, Telegram uses this confidential information only in calls and in its “secret chats”. Not used in regular chats. They are just a client encrypted from the server. WhatsApp, a less secure service, has been using end-to-end encryption in messages, calls, and video calls since 2016.black iphone 4 on gray textile

One of the important things about Telegram is that it is about privacy and security. And that’s not acceptable for big companies like Facebook. This is due to better use of the phone cloud. Keep all your messages and photos on a secure server. This means you can access them on any connected device, and make Telegram more friendly to platforms than other chat apps like WhatsApp. Another safety feature of Telegram is that I decided to use it again and that is the username. Instead of giving people your phone number, you can just give them your username. It gives you good control over what information is out there and how people can contact you in the future.

Is Telegram Safe To Use?

In general, Telegram is more secure than all other chat apps. It could be argued that encryption is a better approach to all messaging from the end of WhatsApp to the end, but the company’s relationship with Facebook may close in favor of privacy.

Also, if you’re using the “Secret Chats” app, you’re getting the same level of encryption. On top of that users can’t forward or screenshot messages in secret chats. And messages can be programmed to destroy themselves. Deleting a message also deletes everyone in the service. And users have the option to delete not only their messages but also the messages of other users. Another thing you should never forget. That is, Telegram does not sell its data. And that’s not the core of the telegram business. According to the Telegram FAQ page. 

The company is funded by its owner and CEO, Pavel Durov, not to take anyone’s data through advertisements. Telegram lists one of its two Internet privacy principles

On the same page, “Do not share your data with any third party.” such as marketers, advertisers, etc. Telegram will never provide your personal information to any other company like Google and Facebook. After all, Telegram does not have to keep all your messages, whether your data is more private or secure than using WhatsApp or other messaging apps. Third-party data we also serve may be unprotected. And if you have already undone it, no encryption will help.

Is Telegram Free? 

Telegram is free to use, thanks to the collaboration of its founder and CEO, Pavel Durov. The company will start using new ways to make money in 2021, but the main chat business will be free for everyone. These new leadership features include ads on multi-channel social channels (which serve as Twitter feeds), premium features for business groups and power users, and paid sticker packages. Some of these funds will be refunded to users in the form of improved channel visibility or payments to the creators of various sticker packers.

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