Google play store is a platform but in the case of using it on mobile, we can say that it is an app. It is more than that because we can get anything in just one or two minutes.

 What is the Google Play Store? 

As we mentioned already, it is a platform. Google play store is such a special platform that provides many digital content services to its users. Commonly, many people think that Google play store is just an app store but you will find all sorts of data contained here. It is filled with music, movies, books, and games and it includes regular Android applications.

It provides various types of collections of music all around the world, though there is a need to subscribe through digital purchases. There are thousands of free apps and games available. Few apps and games require payment but many of these are free of cost.

Do All The Android Smartphones Come With The Google Play Store Pre-installed?

Of course not. It is pre-install on smartphones that are chained with Google Mobile Services (GSM). However, there are several types of smartphones available, and you can buy them as you like. But our priority is Android as a platform and Android are open-sourced. It depends on the user whether he likes to install Google Play Store or not.

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Buyers are used to Google Mobile Services consisting of so many pre-installed apps by Google. So many smartphone manufacturer companies have already installed it. Although, there are some restrictions like Huawei, one of the biggest smartphone manufacturer companies all over the world are banned from pre-installing GSM in their smartphones by the U.S. It would be an interesting story to tell but it is not today’s title.

What Types Of Digital Services Can Be Found On The Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store is not just filled with games and apps, there are many other contents available on it, such as you can search any type of book, news, and music here. Google generally launched the Google Play Store as a hub for their customers with all types of digital content. The glory content can be apps and games so that’s why it was launched on and white logo guessing game

People are using Google Play Store for the newly arrived music and just launched books on the internet. Other content like movies is a bit expensive but it is also an option for its users. It is like a hub, we can imagine as it is growing day by day, who knows if it will add TV shows as a mixed hub. This service was launched in 2008 though it was not named Google Play Store yet.

 Do I Have To Download The App From The Google Play Store If It’s Pre-installed?

 Google always recommends to its surfers that they must use Google Play Store for the Android Application especially when it is pre-installed. Google tries its 100% to provide the best quality apps for its users on the Play Store. In clear words, the company wants to make sure that there is no malware in the function that could harm user’s devices. Moreover, it is not the one and only service that provides digital content for Android devices, though. iphone screen showing icons on screen

However, the vast majority of consumers use the Play Store rather than any other application. If you want to choose any other store, you must have to select a legit one. For the sideload Android application there must be a reliable choice to select. Otherwise, there will be malware that can harm your devices, and you don’t like this of course. 

What Are Google Play Store Alternatives?

Few options come to mind. Huawei and Samsung have launched their prior app stores just like Google Play Store. Amazon app store also provides such services for smartphones and some other smartphone manufacturer companies recommend their app store rather than any other. Nowadays there are few options available on the internet that produce legit Android Applications.A MacBook with lines of code on its screen on a busy desk

The main reason for that is because they do not obey the rules according to the internet community, even those Android Applications are not harmful to the devices. Few applications allow you to access things that are blocked by Google such as playing videos in the background like XDA Labs. There are several interesting apps available here that are offered by the Google Play Store. Moreover, those apps do not have any security issues.

How Many Applications Are There In The Google Play Store?

Some research companies claim that there are over 2.8 million applications available on the Google Play Store. Before summer 2018 there were almost 3.6 million apps available in it. But in the summer of 2018 Google decided that they have to remove large quantities of apps from the store, many of them due to an updated version of the company’s Developer’s Policy. It affected almost 1 million applications that were removed from the Play Store. Though, in less than two years it gained almost 300,000 new apps.

In the end, we can say that Google Play Store is a perfect hub for every smartphone user.

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