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In this modern era, there are hundreds of Android applications available for video and voice calls to install and use in smartphones in the shape of a group and individually. Such an Android Application is an imo app. Here all the details are given below

§  How to use IMO easily?

§  Are they providing heavily cost services?

§  Can we call friends from abroad friends?

§  Which one is better: skype or IMO?

IMO is one of the best apps which promises amazing features and services. Some of the best features that are welcomed by users

Application Size– it is nearly carrying very less space even after installation it does not feel like a burden on your storage.

Low cache file sizes– this application having a fewer amount of cache files that do not irritate the speed of your devices.

Chat support in addition to video calling– here you can chat and video calls to friends and family members as you do on WhatsApp. It also allows you to send images, videos, and documents files to anyone.

Huge sticker listing– Imo provides to its users more than 150 stickers categories. It also allows you to make your sticker as you want.

Group chats support– this allows you to make group chat rooms like WhatsApp but it does not provide the service of group video calls.three men laughing while looking in the laptop inside room

Best in class control– Imo produces better control over settings and configuration to its users. It means that you can carry your setup, notification, and other facilities.

Imo provides the best high-quality voice and video calls that make it apart from other social media apps. This app did not disappoint its users even with the low internet connection. There are no idol restrictions, you can call anyone, any network using a user.


§  It allows high-quality voice and video calls

§  It takes cares of privacy policy with encryption facilities

§  There are thousands of sticker collections

§  Features with group chat


§  You can use this without the internet. This is the main problem of every instant messenger

§  It consumes much of battery

Comparison between IMO and Skype

1. Imo work faster than Skype with respect to instant messaging

2. Imo provides the best quality and is a bit faster with the respect to sharing media files than Skype

3. Imo is to is unique in video calls quality, Skype does not to be seen any better than imo in video calls

4. Imo works normally even in slow internet connection while in Skype it is quite hard to stay

5. Imo provides an easy and charming interface while Skype also has a nice interface but it is really difficult

6. Skype does not allow any stranger for messaging anyone there is a request accept option from the sender while in IMO there is no such type of facility.

7. Imo does not allow you to send documents files to anyone but in Skype, you can send whatever you want.

Features of Imo App

Imo is the smallest size app when it comes to VOIP app comparison. Just take a little example, it takes less device storage than WhatsApp and Skype. And another ability of IMO is, it takes less amount of time in connectivity concerning WhatsApp and Skype. white and black card on brown wooden tableImo does not charge extra charges with calls and sharing facilities. Imo works just like WhatsApp either on your native mobile network and Wifi. You also change downloading settings while on mobile data.

Calling Functionally

This app allows you to connect with anyone with respect to your phone book contacts. It would be national or international contact. It is just based on your fate that you want to connect them either through IMO or phone-based in black top using red phone by glass wall

Imo seems just like Allo and WhatsApp with respect to their similarities in their functions. It provides you end-to-end encrypted security individually or in group chatting. Imo works no matter whether it’s 2g, 3g, or 4g in your devices. It can be good concerning emoji and sticker services. The quality of connectivity makes it superior. It allows you to share any type of personal data. You can use it to invite your friends via email addresses.

Imo is working as the best video call app in this era. Skypes was at its peak and popularity when this app hit the market and proved itself through its stability and performance to its users. It gives free of cost text messages, voice and video calls, and sharing media files. It can easily be found from the Google Play Store free of cost. Only charges that are applied to the internet are required to connect otherwise it is free of cost using phone near road during daytime

Imo is a better chat application than others. Maybe this article helps you to understand the abilities, facilities, improvement, and its basic functionality. So, give it a try before using any messaging app!

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