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Bing is a search engine and is the latest version of past search engines like MSN search engine, live search, and Windows Live search engine that are operated by Microsoft corporation as

On September 28, 2009, the CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has formed the search engine who is the second largest search engine in America and its relevant areas and Google corporation also has a share in this market names Unveiled.

Firstly Microsoft launched its MSN Search in 1998, using then Microsoft announced to launch a new version of MSN. After that, the corporation decides to make a large investment in the search for making its crawl (the feature that is used for updating to searches), and these upgrades start from November 200 and second in 2005. Then Microsoft recognized assume that there appears a problem with branding with the word “Live” remained then after identifying and creation of search services of Microsoft, a live search was officially replaced with Bing in the same year.

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Choosing any other name instead of Live is also a big task but the focus groups or corporation and Microsoft itself decided the name, Bing. The Bing name was chosen through focus groups, and Microsoft decided that the name was memorable, short, and easy to spell.

The president of Microsoft Qi Lu also announced that the Chinese official name is Bi Ying which traditionally means to respond or to give a certain answer in the Chinese language.

In July 2019, the Laptop company released a press that was challenging for the press to specify the Bing search name and its logo because another name company named Binhobing also appears in the market, so Microsoft made Mossoire based design for Bing name and its special logo.

Bing has a wide range of its features, with advanced filters which allow users to enjoy search results and photos and video searches.

There is also a benefit for Facebook users who use Bing to have the option to share their searches with friends using the Facebook Connect feature.


As like other search engines, Bing also offers to its user’s many types of features and trends like sports, its discussions, finance, translations of conversions, calculations, flight tracking, news, show trending best products, video varieties of mobile phones, computers, smart devices, tips about smart life, streaming, gaming, networking & security, software & apps, news, social media, home theater, email & messaging.

Another benefit of Bing search is that it teaches and shows top stories trending of the whole world just in every 30 seconds and they show results directly and automatically to the users.white and black card on brown wooden table

If social users are going to be tired of the old interface and features and want to explore more and perfect types of other search engine options, then they should try Microsoft’s Bing.

As we know that Bing is the most used search engine because of its various types of features and it has also introduced mobile apps for its users along with the users can also access Bing through Microsoft Edge.

The search homepage of Bing is also customizable if we want to use a more or less white space background so Bing gave us an option to hide the menu bar and news links from the page.

There are many differences in the quality of search both Google and Bing means that as Google, Bing doesn’t provide articles at the top of search results and instead of new or older articles, it shows most relevant and today’s top with images and videos search that contain the latest headlines at the top of search results.

Google vs Bing:

Both Google and Bing offer new and more advanced search options with strong filters but it is easier to find advanced options on Bing than on Google.

Bing allows its users a reward for the most reliable program for those who want to cash in on their web searches and this is the special case that the rewards are given directly with Microsoft because Microsoft generates rewards for its Bing. Along with that we earn cash points for searches on Bing, take quizzes, and also do shopping from Microsoft store. Once we earn enough points then we will redeem by enjoying apps, gift cards, movies, donating to charity, and more.

Assuming that you will need most Web searching on your computer, tablets, or mobile, Bing will provide you with its Bing App and these apps are available for both IOS and Android devices. These apps still provide us with the same quality of searching results as we assume on the main desktop website.

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There are some main features of Bing and these are Near Me(to tap this Bing will automatically show you with the help of your location, restaurants, hospitals, and local attractions places for a visit), Fun (it is the option that displays a brief list of games and quizzes, entertainments for spent our time happily), Gas (this option will provide us the closest gas stations with their address and its updated prices.

Bing search engines are available in 40 languages and their basic source of revenue is advertising.

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In April 2012 Microsoft released an updated version of a program developed to allow users to use Bing from the desktop. At the start, this release was supported only for windows 7 but in 2012 it extended adding windows XP and other higher. This Bing desktop allows its users Web search from desktop, automatically set homepage background, and view headlines.

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