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Tumblr is a social networking website and microblogging software that offers to its users to create an online  Web diary or any blog. In 2007 David Crack found this software in the US with the help of Jeff D’Onofrio (who later became CEO of it). Yahoo! Inc., OATH, Verizon Media, Automattic, and URL are the mother founders of Tumblr.

For getting a page set up, Tumblr is similar to other social media networks. To sign up for an account the user just provides an email address for creating the user name password and URL for the page. It is impossible to find any user without knowing his username.

In comparison to other social media networks, Tumblr appears as most popular with younger users, and to make a blog on Tumblr, users must be over the age of thirteen years only.

Tumblr and brands share different types of content about various types of things in this form and their followers are following with their interesting interactions and favourites.

Users can reblog the videos, photos, links, and posts that they like and share to others blogs to whom they are following to see. Tumblr was the most popular among the younger generation during 2013. But now kids mostly take interest in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and music. Ly and also Snapchat.

If someone says that Tumblr has everything so it is true because Tumblr has everything for searching for subjects using tags and keywords.


Like many other search engines, Tumblr also has the option to save the searches which is the default setting and there is a chance that everyone easily knows how to turn it off or on. Now in the modern world everything can happen and it is not rocket science, therefore, every child now knows about searches and disables the safe option.person using black laptop computer

For having its fast speed, attractive styles, multiple mediums, updated features, and heavy use of specific imagery, Tumblr is the most popular among the peoples especially in the young generation and has 5.3 million users at that age. While this Web site has the most creative and offbeat having a lot of alarming amount of pornography is available.

This service offers post multimedia and other content in a short-form blog to users. These users follow others’ blogs and the bloggers (who make blogs) can also blog privately and bloggers have easy access to the features of this website that appear on the dashboard interface.


David Krap was interested in making tumblogs, which means blogs in short forms, therefore he decided on its software name Tumblr. Before starting, its creator was waiting for any platform to run this but after a long time of waiting, he launched in February 2007, and like any magic they were 75000 users in just two weeks. After this victory company decided to focus working on Instapaper.

The design of the page of Tumblr and its custom-built are chosen from the theme list that is found on its own and also other websites, therefore, the majority of themes such as style, color, frame size, and other variables are premade. Information about anything, for example, products of the owner, its related products images, logos of corporations for owners eCommerce stores. Store pages have many benefits for having available opportunities and related links for actual eCommerce sitting on chair wearing gray crew-neck long-sleeved shirt using Apple Magic Keyboard

This makes posting so easy with having a variety of apps that are available on mobile devices. Tumblr has a huge amount of images and videos with the copyright agreement so it shows an issue for the teachers who want to show these media from Tumblr for their projects.

At the start of 2008 Tumblr needed funds for it and after breaking this news, it received 125 million dollars from its investors.

At the end of the year 2013, Tumblr started to allow the companies to pay to promote their posts to larger audiences.  Lee Brown who was the sales Head of Tumblr had purchased six ad figures and also allowed premium theme templates to sell their blogs that use. For this, the advertisement across all blogs and users may more interest and revenue sharing program becomes implemented.

As we know, Tumblr has known self-harm and suicidal content that caused disturbing young and teenage boy’s minds. But with this, Tumblr had 29.4 million users in only the US and its relevant using black laptop computer

Now this all will no longer be available for download and it performs its services for its existing users and subscribers till July 2020 the and company refunds to its subscribers.

In an international report Tumblr had 518.7 million blogs on its website till February 2021 and 32 million users appeared in the US.


Tumblr launched a brand advertising campaign with Adidas (a sales and production company) and after two month of its launching, it announced moving towards paid advertising on site.people using laptop

It was announced that Yahoo and Tumblr had made an agreement that Yahoo acquired Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars in cash. After breaking this news many users of Tumblr were not happy and started a petition that achieved 170000 signatures. Seeing this David Karp again became the CEO in 2013. In 2016 the advertising sales goals were not met and Yahoo wrote down the value of Tumblr, 712 million dollars. CEO, Krap announced that he wants to leave Tumblr in 2017. So the second creation, Jeff D’Onofrio became the new President and also CEO took over the charge of leading the company.

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