What is WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app right now in the whole world. More than 1.5 billion monthly active users from all the 180 countries around the world.

There is no doubt that business is also growing with this respective audience. This amazing ability makes WhatsApp unique, it does not harm ads and chats it is encrypted end to end which makes your privacy issues perfect.

In addition, WhatsApp Business users have to pay for every message they send to their customers. However, if the customer contacts them first then it is free for business facilities. After that, some smart companies try to interact between buyer and seller but WhatsApp Business management makes it better with proven one-on-one communication services.

Why use WhatsApp for your Business?

To the aim, WhatsApp’s sheer user quantity makes it attractive for marketers. This would be ideal for your business in such countries as Brazil, the U.S., and in some countries in Asia India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. They have almost 120 million to 300 million active users respectively.white Android smartphone beside banknotes

In Europe WhatsApp also has incredible market shares, with almost 85% of Nederland’s smartphone users using WhatsApp with the 80% of Spaniards and 83% Italians. In the U.S. where WhatsApp has a minor market with respective others but there are almost 23 million active users.

How to use WhatsApp Business for small businesses or enterprise

If you are using WhatsApp for your businesses, there are more chances that users lose many smart features and facilities according to their privacy. And in addition, there is also a risk that you might lose your account.

green and white apple logoWhatsApp provides better facilities for their small businesses in the shape of WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business is available for Android and IOS users. In Addition, it provides you the best ability like WhatsApp Web that you can use on your company’s devices according to your business demand. This app is specially designed for smaller businesses that like to share their business via WhatsApp. It provides free-of-cost services but a little fewer facilities than the WhatsApp Business API.

What features does WhatsApp Business have?

It provides many types of facilities according to your business type Business profile: Here you can make a hidden profile with the filled information such as email address, location, description, and logos according to your business.

WhatsApp Business Statistics: WhatsApp Business helps you by sharing your account basic analytics reports like a number of sent messages, incoming messages read and delivered.

Labels: There is also an amazing feature that helps you to add any custom color labels to your business accounts.people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

Greetings: You create a greeting sticker that is shown right in front of your customer chat. Away messages: It helps you to set your messages when you are several offline which makes a better impression on your customer.

Quick Replies: you can save generally used responses to send suddenly by adding short commands such as “/”. For example, if a user saves a special command like “/thanks” so it works automatically when you put your command such as “Thank you for your supporting” and as you like.

In short words, it makes things easier for small brands. It helps buyers and sellers more efficiently according to their business and helps with the perfect chats. In addition, it has quick response messages and templates to carry out smaller customer fates.

However, big companies and enterprises will probably demand a more functionally perfect app that can carry the maximum number of users in one chat and helps them to find hard data. That is what the WhatsApp Business API represents.  

The future WhatsApp advertising and relation to other social media apps

In October 2018 WhatsApp claimed that WhatsApp status ads would be coming this year, then they started beta level experiments but there is no doubt that advertising will join WhatsApp in a short time.man standing on road infront of high-rise buildi

It would be a big achievement that the advertising will be a part of WhatsApp that will work as a small business for many people. Almost 1.6 billion unreachable accounts are under the advertising companies. When a brand hits at the top level there is no doubt that it would carry out a massive amount of audience with it. So users must have started better planning to adapt Facebook and Instagram stories advertising strategy to WhatsApp.

While we are discussing Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram relations, in the last development it looks like they can change WhatsApp’s fate. In the news of the New York Times: Mark Zuckerberg is thinking of integrating the messaging of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you already have a WhatsApp Business account then you have to start trying to improve customer service. You have to work on some extraordinary marketing campaigns. You have to prepare yourself for the Status ads and consider whether you need a third-party tool. And if you are not using WhatsApp so it seems to be the right time to jump on the ideal platform.

WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and WhatsApp Business API have their special qualities, but they all are trying to grow up your businesses. So make your mind and take advantage of such comprehensive platforms.  

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