Like many other search engines such as ASK, GOOGLE, YAHOO, YANDEX etcExcite is also a Web search engine and a Web portal which is owned by URL, IAC and launched in October 1995.  It was originally found by the students of Stanford University named Joe Kraus, Ben Lutch, Graham Spencer, Mark VanHaren, Martin Reinfried, and Ryan McIntyre in a garage situated in Cupertino, California that includes a metasearch engine, Web-based email, messaging, news, weather, and users homepage. Now it is currently run by an IAC software company with big Excite networks. Excite page is now used as long for the personal use and search page in the US. Excite also launched its email services for new accounts but old users are now also enjoying this feature in 2019.

Short History:

Excite was the most popular brand in the Web market a decade ago and in the servery held in 1997, it was the sixth most visited website and fourth in 2000. After that many acquiring brands appear but in 2001 the company was merged with Home Network, a broadband provider then in the same year this merging was going to bankrupt. After that Excite was again acquired by iWon.Com and then by another brand search engine Ask.Com but its popularity remained continuously increasing. turned on black and grey laptop computerAfter seeing all this International Data Group paid them 80,000 US dollars for the development of their online services. 

George Bell becomes the new CEO of Excite at the start of January 1996. He purchased two search engines for its company named Web Crawler and Magellan and signed an agreement with Microsoft, Netscape, and Apple in addition to their company. In 1994 the company hired itself to the Jim Bellows and then 72 others journalists for figures out the present content, company paid good value to the users who write on the website. The original design was mostly orange color but after rebranding, it adds black and yellow themes. 

After two years of lunching, Excite offered two million shares and its biggest rival yahoo also went public at the same time. With this six founders became millionaires after offering the company shares and in 1996, AOL that was also a search engine agreed to excite its search and directory in return that AOL became 20 percent shares holder in the sale of its merged search engine Web Crawler. Next year Excite stated that it would bear a loss of 30.2 million dollars and collected funds by 100 ways. Excite went to loss so yahoo appeared and announced that they were purchasing negotiations of Excite in 6 billion American dollars. The sixth-largest excise was the sixth-largest Internet portal in the service of the Traffic organization at this time. Before it, Microsoft also wanted to take interest in Excite and also wanted to merge this with its MSN. Com.


Another big problem that facing by the company is that two Internet service providers, Juno Online and NetZero offered in the same country free and low-cost dial-up. Then Existe also made a partnership with 1stUp.Com for offering no pay service to its private customers and to allow the users FreeLane to download software with a log on the Internet. This software is used for advertising then another new partner appears named World share for rebranding the version of FreeLane in sitting on chair using gray Toshiba ThinkPad

As we know that Excite, well known for providing personalization, offers excellent and perfect search results for every query, news search, its web version, magazine, and news wires with its navigate reviews but such a small search engine. It offers its channels with a news tracker, current news database, directory databases such as the dictionary, encyclopedia, and almanacs. 

Nowadays, Excite is continuous exits as a brand with its portal service offered in many countries in the world such as Italy, UK, the US, Spain, Austria, France, and Germany where the search result are provided by using metasearch tools with the method pay per click and basic search engines like yahoo and Google where the UK website currently replicated the search results as Ask and also offers result form an open directory. 


 To make further improvements in the search engine growth, Excite developed a new search engine as World Wide Web that provides a full textbase index having over 50 million Web pages and it enables us to search from over 60,000 plus sites and it has a 5-star rating by the rating system. 

As seen in the ratings, Excite is the most prominent search tool. I become values value a major search player. It offers educational tools for kids having a list of thousands of educational institutions in America for students to apply to.white and black card on brown wooden table

After the rebranding of Excite, the most popular search engine Ask have announced that they want to acquire Excite Italia which was running in Russia and then stated that they share the market cost company who also have interest in these on May 20, 2005.

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