This article belongs to the most visited search engine company of China that is known as Baidu and searches named So, Baidu is the search engine company of China created by Eric Xu and Robin Li in 2001 at Haidian District City of shanghai and its services and features are very similar to Google like anti-virus software, maps, Internet TV, encyclopedia, news, videos, etc. but, adding that it mostly focuses on China which, it controls search market. It generates its revenues from advertising brands like Google and advertising companies also pay for their search results. 

Baidu had 78 %Shares in China during February and is the sixth-largest search engine used all over the world. Baidu Inc. Is the first company in China that has a NASDAQ index according to charts and this company had a 70 billion dollars market share cap at present. 

The company provides its services to over 2 billion active users in the world has introduced DU Group and DU apps for the Global Business unit the and DU Ad Platform is for advertising. 


In 2020, the company starts an Apollo Project and Al program r, representing 210 global partners including Ford, Honda, Microsoft, Grab, Hyundai, Intel, and Daimler AG. The company has generated 102.3 billion Chinese currency having 27.573 billion in 2018 and it has 45,887 employees. Baidu offers its users many types of services such as Baidu Baike as an encyclopedia, Baidu Tieba is a keyword-based forum, Baidu Maps, and Baidu wingspan as cloud storage. 

The project of the company, GBU (Global Business Unit) offers its products and services in China as well as outside like people Aladdin projector of Japanese, Medicago platform for ad Simij and Facemoji keyboard and OmniAR network. This project of Baidu was going to partner with Japan, Korea, and Singapore and also with the Snap organization.close-up photo of person using iPhone

Baidu announced that they and Sina incorporation made teamwork to provide search results in mobiles in 2012. Then in the same year, it announced that the company has partnered with Qualcomm to offer Android users free cloud storage with new processors. 

In August 2013 in the leadership of its CEO, launched a personal Assistant app for Workers and managers to manage their business relationships between them, then for more improvements in this project, it heird DR.ANDREW Ng as chief scientist in 2014.


Baidu launched an autonomous driving fund to invest 1.5 billion dollars for 100 of these types of projects in just three years in 2017 and also launched Apollo open-source with a new software version. The company made partnerships with Bosch and Continental for automatic driving and connected cars in the same year. 

In ending of the year 2017, it introduced news new portable talking translator which can speak and listing to many different types of language. This translation device can also be used as a Wi-Fi router like a smartphone and also operates its network in more than 80 countries. man writing on glass board

Baidu also inserted into smartphones artificial intelligence as a learning platform and in the same year, it invested 12 billion American dollars with Tencent, Alibaba Group, Didi Chuxing, and some others.

The company offers to its users various services, information, and products using the Chinese language by using terms such as post-bar, snapshots, video and space information, news, Chinese phonetics, images, advance search, knows, train and flight local information, and weather. The users of Baidu use search engines such as Baiduspider. 

It also maps but covers just the China region on desktop and mobile apps. And also provide cloud storage with 2 TB of free data. Later the company also started its search engine services, run by Baidu Japan in the user’slicensee language that include search bar for image searches and Web pages as advanced service for user help.


It uses an automated process of related links to display links that allow people to see and search different types of viewpoints. The government and industry of China had stated that it allows Baidu to have a full news website and thus be able to provide reports about it as a search engine, this also has received a license. The company provides users a searchable community to share, experience and knowledge.woman in black crew neck t-shirt standing beside woman in white t-shirt

The company also offers Baidu images and Baidu video search that enables users to search millions of videos and images on the Web. It also added that search by images by size and file type and video by its player and by its period. The search ranking engine also provides lists of daily searches that provide results with and this allows users to locate searches with their interest. To benefit the general public, Baidu introduced search as government information that includes notice, rules, regulations, and other announcements made by the government and the Republic people of Chinese Organizations. 

There are hundreds of cities in China therefore Baidu Postal code also serves to find postal codes of different cities. The educational website search is introduced to search the websites of all institutions and users are searching for information about these in China. Baidu also has a Legal search for the public to search databases containing local and national laws, rule regulation, law dictionaries, legal decisions, and cases.

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