In this article, we will discuss the most popular search engine nowadays known as duckduckgo. Com. DuckDuckGo, abbreviated as DDG, is also a type of search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. who control protecting searchers privacy and also avoiding filter bubbles in personal search results because it doesn’t show off the users in the content form and it uses many API of others search engines to show quality and quick results for traditional links. Which was created by Gabriel Weinberg with the help of URL on 25 September 2008, 13 years ago in Paoli, Pennsylvania, America.

The company has 22 headquarters only in Paoli City having 136 employees in August 2021.

The name of the company is referenced by the duck goose game of little children that was very famous in those days.  DuckDuckGo company offers brand advertisements and different types of affiliate programs, it earns revenue with these activities. This search engine runs on FreeBSD, Linux, Nginx and is written in Perl font. In its initial stage, DuckDuckGo is built from various vendors for search APIs.

 Weinberg launched the DuckDuckGo community website for reporting problems to allow its users and the public to also discuss its means of spreading features about using search engines, its request features, and also to open the code sourcing.


On 22 February 2011 the company registered its domain name as ddg.gg and at the end of December 2018, it adopted duck.com  which is used as a shortened URL for improving in duckduckgo.com.MacBook Pro near headphones

In 2011, the company’s strong partner Brad Burnham stated that we will invest in the DuckDuckGo company because it is not time to compete with the other search engines in the market but it is time to make improvements and to do it. After hearing this news, three Web browsers named Linux Mint, Midori Web, and Trisqual have switched to duckduckgo. Com as connected as their search defaults.

The company search engine was having 1.5 million searches in a single day during May 2012. CEO of duckduckgo company Mr. Weinberg published a report that it had earned 115,000 American dollars in just 2011 having only three employees and some contractors.

International organization Compete. Com stated that duckduckgo had 266,465 visitors in 2012. Alexa reported only a three-month growth rate and that is 51%which was a great achievement. Then in August 2012, the company had 1393644 visits per day and through a survey report, the duck duck go company has 45000000 searches per month which are increasing day by day.


DuckDuckGo is a fully private search engine, its app and extension also include privacy. Users are searching different types of topics and others and most of our personal information with our search engine such as health, medical, financial, social are keep in private. As we mentioned that searches are providing to users in private and everything that we expect from search engines like maps, banners, schedules etc. Are also included in this.

It is the perfect search engine that controls the personal privacy and security of its users because it doesn’t collect IP addresses, any type of personal profile of users, personal information, and use of cookies. DuckDuckGo now introduces its mobile app as a search engine and provides to users the same search results on its mobile app as it offers on desktop and neither be any over or omitted from results.

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For new users, in its initial stage, DuckDuckGo never collects search history with its searches from its mobile app or browser extension and other search engines allow its users an engine mode with this they can not collect history but the DuckDuckGo. Com also has these features that make it more reliable.

Incognito mode deletes all the related information that is related to our search from our app or computer such as search, history, cookies, sessions, etc. But if the users leave the incognito mode and disable it and start searching with a new simple model then the situation is different.

In March 2018, the company launched its new for android mobile users with browser app which the company retrieves all the searches websites from its services and after breaking this news many users expressed their privacy issues and concern about this changes then after seeing all these problems DuckDuckGo company closed this issue about privacy policy and stated that these features do not collect uses personal information and in 2019 this features also introduce for the iOS App. 

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Google reported that it transferred ownership of the Duck. Come to DuckDuckGo for knowing what the price the company pays for DuckDuckGo domain name.

Then the company contracted with Apple incorporation and announced that both on mobile devices and desktop, all the addresses and map-related searches will be powered by Apple. After the announcement, Google also did not go back and Google added the duckduckgo search engine as their default search and added this in the chrome search list.

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