America Online is abbreviated as AOL founded by Control Video corporation in 1983 in the US. AOL is a digital media company that is used to maintain and develop various types of search engine results, Internet connectivity, business including websites, email services, and many others. It was initially started as just an online service for downloading content for gaming from Atari, a project of Control Video Corporation. Then it quickly grew by marketing and creating home-based products other than professional products and it was largely used by the home users by offering Internet base solutions including email, communication, and Internet connection. 

The company provides a big platform for online services including AOL Mail AOL messenger, dial-up Internet service, and advertising to a large number of businesses for American online companies. It was created by Steve Case, Jim Kimsey, and Marc Sheriff. AOL was recently in the search market and it is recommended as a brand on the Web in the United States. In starts it just provides dial-up service to the million users of the US with email, messaging and browsers later it was purchased by Netscape and after increasing its popularity, the company purchased Time Warner media as the merger woh was the largest merger in the history of US in 2001. person using macbook air on white table

Due to the decline of dial-up service and the rise of broadband, AOL was going to spin-off from this Time media in 2009 and the company hired new CEO then under the leadership of the new CEO, it in advertising technologies and media brands. 

Verizon Communication acquired AOL for 4.4 billion dollars in 2015 but after 6 years of acquiring Verizon announced that it would sell both AOL and Yahoo for 5 billion American dollars to Apollo. 

AOL is mostly used for online games having classic and casual games in its mix products offering that were included in the PlayNet software system and the company introduced many online games including innovative and interactive titles. And these are Quantum Link series by Tracy Reed in 1988, Club Caribe and Graphical chat Habitat in 1999, Quantum Space that was a fully automated game in 1991, and Internet age 2006. 

 The company’s first logo as American Online was used from 1991 to 2005 then DOS and AOL launched a GeoWork interface which is followed by AOL for Windows. 


In just 25 months in 1990, the company generated its revenues of 350 dollars only. During these days, an advertisement about America Online Free was invited by the modem owners that promised to offer free trial membership and software. After discontinued of PC Link and A link in 1994, AOL added access to its features to Usenet. 50%of CDs are produced had an AOL logo worldwide and next to many years, AOL launched its services the library of Congress, NSBA, Turner Education Service, National Education Association, National Geographic, ASCD, Stanley American Federation of Teachers, Barron’s, Highlights for Kids, Pearson, Department of Smithsonian Institution, NCTE, Discovery Networks, NPR and many others education provider organizations. turned-on MacBook Pro beside black smartphone on gray surface

 Then AOL offered homework help for teachers for the first time and it also provides Online Courses, omnibus service for teachers, first prenatal control first service by children, parent information  Network, first online exhibition, and many types of other children education-related offers. 

AOL& Excite:

 WebCrawler was purchased by AOL in 1995 but it sold this to Excite in the same year in a deal that was made between AOL and Excite and after closing of deal AOL launched its branded search engine which is based on known as NetFind but it was renamed as AOL search in 1999. After that, the WebCrawler remained as just a search engine but having strong features than both Excite and AOL. 

Randy Falco became the new CEO of AOL in November 2006 then AOL closed its all-call center in the United States according to the market basics that was to take America out of America Online but the service centers continue to provide customers support and technical assistance in the Philippines and India. 


The company announced that it was moving its headquarters from Virginia to New York and stated that it would combine various types of advertising units into a subsidiary platform in late 2007. This action highlights the AOL focus on Advertising business models and also the management of AOL stressed that operation in Dulles remained continued including access service and modem bank and after doing this process, customers of the company were going to be reduced by over 10 million subscribers. person using laptop

Then AOL announced the closing of its three centers which were sold to CRG West, Northern Data, and Reston Technology data center. AOL purchased Bebo for 850 million American dollars, a social networking site. The company further offered AOL pictures, BlueString, and Xdrive to save its cost and fully focus on business advertising but AOL Pictures was terminated in the same year of launching. 

AOL made plans to sell or shut down Bebo in 2010 then their property was sold among partners for 10 million dollars. The company makes a proper step in new business direction by a series of acquisitions in the leadership of new CEO, Armstrong. 

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