Health Insurance for Foreigners and Immigrants in the United States

     Life in the United States is a completely different adventure.  It is a new world for foreigners and immigrants who have to face the new challenges of life outside their country of origin.

     One of the challenges is getting health insurance in the United States, and it must be comprehensive.  You will need to find international health insurance in the United States that is also valid in your home country and in most countries around the world.

     This guide will help you find the best US health insurance for non-US citizens.  From basic insurance to comprehensive assistance, you have a good idea of ​​which policy best suits your purpose.

     Recommended health insurance for immigrants to the United States

     If you are moving to the US as an expatriate, we recommend the three insurers that best suit your needs:

     world cigna

     Cigna Global is an insurance provider with global coverage.  It offers excellent service and benefits to its customers and has local staff in all major countries who can respond immediately if you need it.

     Cigna also offers a flexible plan where you can choose which modules and benefits you want to include in your policy.  The ability to customize health insurance plans in the United States is an incredible benefit that will help you budget your expenses.

Health insurance for expats in the United States

     If you are moving to the United States, keep in mind that the government does not require expats or US citizens to have health insurance in the United States.  However, the cost of medical services in the United States is very high and you may have to spend all your savings to pay the bills.  Therefore, although health insurance is generally not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that you purchase health insurance in the United States to save on hospital bills and have access to health care that meets your needs.

     In addition, the requirements to obtain health insurance in the United States vary depending on the country of origin and visa type.  For some types of visas, you need at least basic insurance.

     As mentioned earlier, health care costs in the United States are above average in most countries.  In the United States, the health inflation rate is relatively higher and doctors tend to do more tests and scans before treating a patient.  In addition, medical facilities in the United States often use state-of-the-art equipment and provide above-average service to their customers.

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