What coverage do I need for health insurance in the United States?

 Every day we get these questions about insurance products:

 What is the typical cost of medical bills at US health centers or hospitals?

 Is it possible to cut some of the benefits I don't need to reduce the cost of my plan?

 What kind of insurance should I take out?

 I am a visitor/expatriate.  What insurance plan is best for my stay in the United States?

 Your insurance is too expensive.  Isn't it more convenient to pay the hospital bills?  Since I lead a healthy lifestyle, there is also little chance of hospitalization.

 These are very difficult questions to answer as there are several factors to consider when choosing the right international health insurance.

 Health care costs in the United States vary by disease, procedure, and facility.  The comparison is easy when comparing fever treatment to kidney stone surgery.  However, when you're comparing kidney stone removal to a facility that accepts your insurance plan, policy selection matters.

 Before deciding on a policy, you should consider the distance, accessibility and doctor from the medical facility.  Some facilities charge significantly more than the hospital across the street for the same procedure.

 How to determine the amount of international health insurance you need in the United States

 There are several factors to consider when choosing health insurance in the United States.  Here are some of the most important ones to remember:

 How long are you staying in the country?

 Do you have an underlying medical condition?

 How comfortable are you paying more than the maximum sum insured if needed?

 How much can you put aside for insurance each month?

 What is your job as an expat in the United States?

 You can also think about how easy it will be to get home if you need additional services.  This is necessary if you are suffering from a serious illness and need urgent repatriation.

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