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Amazon Honeycode – A No-Code App Building Service Launched by AWS

Posted on October 29, 2022 by

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AWS has just released Amazon Honeycode in beta. You can build effective web and mobile applications with this fully managed service without writing a line of code. It employs the well-known spreadsheet model and allows you to get started quickly. You have an advantage if you are familiar with spreadsheets and formulae since everything you know about them still applies. It may create programmes ranging in complexity from basic task tracking to multi-workflow project management programmes. These apps are developed using the database created by AWS. According to customers, the demand for customised apps far outpaces what developers are able to provide, according to Larry Augustin, vice president of AWS. With Amazon Honeycode, anybody can create unique mobile and web applications without knowing how to code.

Things to be aware of

In Amazon Honeycode, a spreadsheet’s familiar interface and a database’s data management capabilities are integrated. Utilizing a visual application builder supported by an AWS built database, interactive mobile and online apps are generated. It may speed up interactive corporate processes, alert users to changes, monitor data over time, route approvals, and carry out numerous other similar functions.

APN and Amazon Honeycode

Internal use of Honeycode by APN (AWS Partner Network) members helps enhance corporate operations and productivity requirements. “Honeycode is a terrific tool for consulting/services partners to utilise to build apps for their customers that they would not have had time to develop using code,” said Meera Vaidyanathan, the AWS director of product management. Honeycode has to be activated in the APN programme, and AWS is trying to make that happen.

Honeycode is primarily intended for business customers who lack access to coding. The justification Amazon provided for selecting this specific name for the product was intriguing. The term “Honeycode” refers to something delicious and communicates that creating apps may be enjoyable and is now available to all corporate users. They combined honey and code for this service.

Basic Amazon Honeycode

Amazon Honeycode is presently only accessible in the US west area, but it will ultimately be made available in all of the expanding regions. Customers can create apps with up to 20 users for free and only pay for the larger applications. Simple to-do lists, customer monitoring, field service agents, time off reporting, event management, team work tracking, weekly demo plans, and purchase order approvals are just a few of the applications that this service has templates for. The application screens may also be customised by users using buttons, lists, and input fields. Additionally, they may use the spreadsheet interface to create the data model and import the data into a workbook.

The Honeycode apps’ modifications and customizations will be implemented right away. Starting with an empty table or importing the current data in comma-separated values (CSV) format are both viable options. To change tables and provide email notifications, Honey Code has excellent built-in tools. Another one of the built-in functions is FindRow, a robust Excel VLOOKUP alternative.

Users can communicate with the apps using two Honeycode application programming interfaces (APIs). They may be used to read, write, update, or remove data kept in Honeycode workbooks. GetScreenData and InvokeScreenAutomation are the APIs. Using the APIs, external apps can communicate with applications created by Honeycode. In the Amazon Honeycode Forum, users may read and watch how-to articles and videos as well as get alerts and updates.

Portable Tool

The end users inside of businesses, mostly the amateur developers, are the target audience for Honeycode. The tool is fairly lightweight in its initial iteration and does not serve as a replacement for the unique solutions created using AWS. A big application that may be operated on AWS may be possible to incorporate elements with a no-code adjustable user interface thanks to Amazon Honeycode. Amazon Honeycode is particularly lightweight in comparison to competing no-code application development platforms like Google and Microsoft, such as Microsoft Power Apps.

Low-code and no-code products exist on the market and have become more and more well-liked in recent years. It makes it possible for users to create the apps they require with little to no coding knowledge. These services automatically build and link the three common levels of functionality—database, business logic, and user interface. As and when the underlying data changes, the Honeycode-built application may update the dashboard and displays in real-time. Customers may also share the application by simply hitting the share icon.


A number of chances to construct applications and customise them for the constantly shifting business environment have been made possible by Amazon Honeycode. As your business evolves, you may modify the bespoke Honeycode application you created. All changes are made to the app or its data are published right away. By setting up your personalised Honeycode app, you may further customise the experience. Only the data they require will be shown to each team member. Your team may work from anywhere with it because it can be created for web browsers and mobile devices.

Several support options are available through AWS, including Developer, Business, and Enterprise support. Depending on the needs of the business, the support fees may rise dramatically because some firms may not require the minimum help. In terms of larger-scale applications, AWS can be costly.

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