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Amazon launches AWS Cloud9, a browser-based IDE for cloud developers

Posted on October 31, 2022 by

Categories: AWS


At its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas today, AWS introduced a new browser-based IDE called AWS Cloud9. A year ago, the firm purchased Cloud9, an integrated development environment. The Ace Editor served as inspiration for Cloud9’s Integrated Development Environment.

Initially, AWS declined to comment when we learned that they had bought Cloud9. The truth has been verified.

During today’s speech, AWS highlighted Cloud9’s collaborative editing features and strong integration with the AWS ecosystem, despite the fact that it isn’t radically different from other IDEs and editors like Sublime Text. Included in the programme is native support for scripting languages like JavaScript, Python, PHP, and others. There are additional built-in debugging tools in Cloud9.

Some of AWS’s rivals, I’m sure, will disagree with the company’s claim that this is the first “cloud native” IDE. Cloud9 is tightly coupled with AWS, allowing developers to set up cloud infrastructure and launch additional instances without leaving the application. According to AWS CTO Werner Vogels, developers that are committed to serverless architectures may use Cloud9 to troubleshoot Lambda operations.

Cloud9’s key selling point to developers will be its seamless compatibility with Amazon Web Services. As a matter of fact, AWS’s rivals Microsoft and Google also provide their own integrated development environments (IDEs) for use in the cloud and on mobile devices (though Visual Studio, for example, also offers plenty of integrations with third-party services).