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Amazon Monitron: Should You Be Hyped Or Wary of the New ML Service from AWS?

Posted on October 29, 2022 by

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That would be a welcome shift, particularly following a difficult 2020. Manufacturers all across the world have faced difficulties this year, and those that didn’t shut down had to persevere and move quickly with their digital transformation projects. Everyone in the industrial environment is now anticipating a better 2021, which should go without saying. The following five new offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS) appear to be fueling the aspirations and expectations of manufacturers:

  • Using machine learning to identify aberrant behaviour in industrial machinery, Amazon Monitron is a complete solution that enables firms to employ preventative maintenance and minimise unscheduled downtime;
  • Amazon Lookout for Equipment is a technology that analyses sensor data to identify unusual equipment behaviour, allowing producers to prevent unplanned downtime by acting before machine breakdowns occur;
  • Using computer vision (CV), Amazon Lookout for Vision is a machine learning service that detects flaws and irregularities in visual representations;
  • When low latency and data privacy are necessary and internet bandwidth is constrained, manufacturers can deploy CV applications to the edge using the AWS Panorama Appliance, a machine learning appliance;
  • The AWS Panorama Software Development Kit (SDK) includes tools to enable and test devices for the AWS Panorama service, example code,
  • APIs, and a device software stack for computer vision.
  • We’ll examine Amazon Monitron in more detail in this post to comprehend its advantages and potential dangers to original equipment makers (OEMs).

A list of Amazon Monitron’s advantages

Amazon Monitron is an end-to-end solution that use machine learning to identify unusual behaviour in industrial machines, as was already noted. Because of this, manufacturers may use predictive maintenance to cut down on unexpected downtime. That’s fantastic news, especially given the fact that manufacturers can save the time and money they would otherwise spend on repairs or unnecessary maintenance by using predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance is extremely cost-effective, but historically, not many industrial organisations have been able to put it into practise. Companies needed the necessary data infrastructure, as well as the suitable group of knowledgeable technicians and data scientists, to adopt predictive maintenance successfully. And in the industrial environment, these materials have been hard to come by.

With a product that “includes sensors to capture vibration and temperature data from equipment, a gateway device to securely transfer data to AWS, the Monitron service that analyses the data for abnormal machine patterns using machine learning, and a companion mobile app to set up the devices and receive reports on operating behaviour and alerts to potential failures in your machinery,” Amazon Monitron claims to fill these gaps.

Additionally, this service enables manufacturers to get started tracking the health of their machinery in a matter of minutes without the requirement for ML expertise or development labour.

The new Amazon Monitron service has several advantages in addition to providing predictive maintenance for industrial equipment and being simple to set up and operate, including:

increased accuracy with ongoing development based on comments provided by technicians via the mobile app to Amazon Monitron;
identifying unusual circumstances in industrial machinery and encouraging preventive measures that can reduce unexpected downtime
Some of the advantages of Amazon Monitron have already been realised by AWS clients including Fender, RS Components, and GE Gas Power, and their testimonials are convincing. Magnus Akesson, CIO of GE Gas Power Manufacturing, a top supplier of tools and services for power generation:

We can now swiftly retrofit our assets with sensors and connect them to real-time analytics in the AWS cloud thanks to Amazon Monitron. We can accomplish this without needing to configure our own IT and OT networks or having to have highly technical abilities. Because of the simplicity, scalability, and ease-of-use for the operators and maintenance team, we are seeing this vision come to life from our original work on vibration-prone tumblers at an astounding rate.

Considering Amazon Monitron, should OEMs be concerned?
OEMs are aware of the requirement for their customers to have access to real-time monitoring data, guarantee maximum uptime, and save expenses associated with repairs and unnecessary maintenance. Because of this, many businesses have been working to serve clients more quickly and provide maintenance services that either avoid or lessen the effects of breakdowns. Industry 4.0 software has also assisted OEMs in achieving this.

However, a lot of OEMs are still lagging behind and continue to do maintenance in a reactive or preventative manner. It frequently entails sending out crews to fix or replace items, planning routine maintenance, and delaying production for clients. This will ultimately lead to irritation and consumer attrition in a world that is becoming more and more digital.

OEMs may find themselves in a battle against Amazon Monitron with little chance of winning unless they act quickly and invest in the appropriate technologies for remote machine monitoring, data integrity, network security, and also expand remote monitoring as a service.

As depressing as that may sound, OEMs really have a fantastic chance to significantly enhance the value of their service offerings by investing in industrial IoT and giving their clients the ability to foresee when their machines and equipment will require maintenance.

On the basis of the data they receive from their clients, OEMs may also develop further thanks to these services. They can utilise it to gain knowledge from which they can produce new, enhanced equipment and parts that are adapted to the rapidly growing digital era that began in 2020.