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AWS 2020 re:Invent Recap: AWS Trainium

Posted on October 28, 2022 by

Categories: AWS


During Andy Jassy’s 2020 re:Invent keynote, the newest AWS custom-designed chip, AWS Trainium, was unveiled. It is anticipated to offer the best pricing performance for cloud-based Machine Learning (ML) model training. It offers features for image classification, semantic search, translation, voice recognition, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and recommendation engines and is intended for deep learning training workloads for applications.

What Makes It Important

Lower Expenses: In addition to the existing savings from utilising AWS Inferentia, which focuses on the inference aspects of ML systems, AWS Trainium instances are explicitly intended at decreasing the training costs.

Simple Integration: Since AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia use the same AWS Neuron SDK, developers with Inferentia knowledge may start using AWS Trainium more quickly. As a result of the SDK’s integration with well-known ML frameworks like Pytorch, MXNet, and Tensorflow, it is simpler for developers to switch GPU instances to AWS with little code modification.

Greater Capabilities: This chip is designed to train deep learning models for applications that use pictures, text, and audio, which opens up additional possibilities for creating solutions that address operational business concerns in a variety of sectors.

Why We’re Happy

The most complex and cutting-edge training technology, AWS Trainium, will be used to give smart answers to client problems and project needs. It combines with and enhances AWS Inferentia, which will result in a considerable improvement in the speed, expertise, and efficiency of ML training. End-to-end workflows may be developed to grow AI/ML training workloads more quickly and speed the release of goods or services since it is the most economical solution with the greatest range of capabilities and the comprehensive AWS toolset to enable it.


AWS Trainium is already available as an EC2 instance, and in the second half of 2021, it will also be accessible through Amazon Sagemaker.

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