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AWS Certification Path, Job Description, and Salary

Posted on October 29, 2022 by

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Cloud computing has developed into a crucial business skill as more businesses steadily move their workloads to the public cloud. According to a recent estimate, the market for cloud services is predicted to reach $623.3 billion by 2023, catching the corporate world by storm. By the end of 2020, 83% of corporate tasks are anticipated to be on the cloud. This realisation demonstrates the tremendous demand for a new set of skills in building, implementing, and administering cloud-based applications.

Leading cloud computing service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon, offers metered pay-as-you-go cloud computing services and APIs to individuals, organisations, and governments. AWS certification may eventually be required to demonstrate and confirm technical cloud knowledge and capabilities. Discover all there is to know about these certificates by reading on.

AWS Certification: What Is It?

AWS accreditations display the different levels of cloud competency that an IT expert has attained using Amazon Web Services after passing at least one of the company’s tests. In order to demonstrate their degree of technical knowledge and skill regarding the cloud, these experts obtain AWS certifications.
There is just one certification available at this level, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Beginners looking to get a foundational grasp of the AWS cloud should pursue this certification.

Associate Associate certifications call for a deeper level of knowledge, practical experience with provisioning assets, and certain AWS critical thinking skills.


This level emphasises work for solutions architects and devops engineers and calls for familiarity with the AWS cloud. AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer are the two professional certifications offered. These also involve a high level of specialist aptitude and in-depth administrative understanding.

This certification focuses on a considerably narrower set of AWS services, but it demands a higher level of deep specialisation. IT workers who are already experts in their sector are most equipped for it. Be advised that the examinations at the expert level will have a higher general difficulty than those at the foundation level.

What is the route to AWS certification?The three main tiers of the Amazon Web Services certification path are basic, professional, and specialised. Let’s take a closer look at the courses that are offered along the AWS Certification path.

Licensed Cloud Professional

This certification is beneficial for people in specialised administrative, trading, or financial professions and is for professionals looking to get a thorough grasp of the AWS cloud.

Specialist in Solutions Architecture

Students enrolled in this course must demonstrate competence in creating, maintaining, and distributing applications for AWS clouds. High-level abilities in relation to distributed frameworks and applications on the AWS cloud are also necessary for this certification. They must be able to design and provide very adaptable and accessible frameworks for AWS systems, including legal security, disaster recovery (DR), and troubleshooting theories. Prospective candidates are encouraged to have more than two years of experience organising and planning cloud engineering on Amazon Web Services. They also need to possess a Solutions Architect Associate credential.

a licenced system administrator

Your proficiency with growing, transferring, managing, and sending AWS frameworks is demonstrated by this AWS certification. The certification requires professionals to have at least a year of hands-on experience working with cloud applications on the AWS platform.

Engineer certified in DevOps

This advanced AWS certification attests to knowledge of setting up and carrying out AWS’s security and activities. The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator or AWS Certified Developer partner accreditations are prerequisites for taking this test. It is also advantageous to have knowledge in managing AWS circumstances on at least two lengthy projects.

What is the route to AWS certification?

As an AWS Certified Solution Architect, you must exhibit outstanding responsibility, in-depth knowledge of application specifics, and mastery of the foundational AWS services. Additionally, you must demonstrate a deep grasp of best practises for security and scalability as well as the management of the AWS platform.

Salary for an AWS Certification Job
Nobody could have predicted how well-known AWS affirmations would become when Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled its certification programme in 2013. AWS certified individuals now rate significantly among the highest paid IT specialists. According to a recent compensation research by Global Knowledge, the average income for Americans who hold an AWS accreditation is $113,932.

One AWS certification is unlikely to be sufficient to secure you employment since AWS accreditations have practically become a requirement. A number of additional qualities are crucial for starting your AWS career. After earning your Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification, using a platform like Field Engineer will be crucial in helping you find the suitable opportunities.

One of the fastest-growing freelancing markets, Field Engineer streamlines communication between on-demand field engineers and commercial clients. By utilising cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), it makes sure that top professionals are matched with the greatest positions and provides access to exciting international career possibilities in close to 200 countries globally.

The most sought-after AWS certification.

Numerous business groups throughout the world are using cloud computing nowadays. Despite competition from a number of market participants, Amazon Web Services is still the top supplier of cloud-based technologies. One of the most sought-after AWS qualifications of its kind is the specialist AWS Certified Security certificate.