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AWS ‘Honeycode’ makes Amazon a player in booming no-code software movement

Posted on October 29, 2022 by

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On Wednesday, Amazon released the beta version of their “AWS Honeycode” app creation tool. (AWS Picture)

A brand-new Amazon service called Honeycode claims to make it simple for non-developers to swiftly construct engaging web and mobile applications.

Honeycode, which was released in beta on Wednesday afternoon, places Amazon into the quickly expanding market for low-code and no-code software development, allowing analysts and other knowledgeable users inside of businesses to build complex apps without having to involve their internal IT and application development teams.

According to Larry Augustin, a vice president of Amazon Web Services, “We really wanted to bring that capability of AWS out to all those individuals in the line of business, who want to design these unique apps to get things done, but don’t have the skill set to do it today.”

The service leverages an underlying AWS database to provide data linking, filtering, and sorting while utilising a point-and-click user interface and a spreadsheet-like data entry structure. Apps with less than 20 users can utilise the service without paying; bigger applications incur fees.

Honeycode may be used for applications and websites that are accessible to the general public, however Amazon anticipates that internal corporate apps and websites will get the majority of use.

It’s a part of a larger initiative by AWS to broaden its product portfolio beyond the platform and basic infrastructure services that first drew software developers to its cloud technology. Amazon is battling competitors like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to maintain its position as the leading public cloud platform.

Through its Power Platform, Microsoft also engages in low-code software development.

By 2024, low-code and no-code methodologies will account for over 65% of application development within businesses, according to a 2017 prediction by Gartner. According to earlier Forrester forecasts, the market will increase by 50% annually to more than $21 billion by 2024. FileMaker, AppSheet, Caspio, and Quick Base were recognised as industry leaders by Forrester last autumn.

According to Meera Vaidyanathan, director of product management for AWS Honeycode, Amazon themselves utilised early versions of Honeycode in the planning, launch, and naming of the product, as well as for other tasks including making an org chart for the team.

I don’t think there are any restrictions on who may utilise it in terms of the various verticals or businesses, she added.